Secret Story: the Marseillais soon to be cast for the next season?

According to Vaarrueccos, a adaptation of Secret Story is being prepared on W9 with well-known candidates such as the Marseillais.

A new version of Secret Story is she about to make her big comeback on the small screen? According to the latest rumors, the Marseillais could be included in the casting of this new project. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Secret Story back?

Launched in June 2003 on TF1, the show Secret Story had not failed to do sensation among reality TV fans. During the different seasons, viewers had the chance to discover many celebrities.

Among the latter, mythical figures of the environment. From Anaïs Camizuli to Amélie Neten via Ayem Nour, Thomas Vergara or even Bastos.

The candidates very quickly knew how to impose themselves on the small screen in this original concept which consisted in hiding a secret from the other participants.

Lack of luck, Secret Story ended up saying goodbye to television. But while no one believed the return of the show possible, it seems that new rumors are stirring up the Web.

On March 11, Benjamin Castaldi, former TVR host had dropped a bomb on the Touche set not at my post.

“TF1 hesitates between bringing back the Star Academy and bringing back Secret Story”, he explained. A news that had aroused strong reactions.

To date, the 1st channel seems to have decided. Eh yes ! It’s well and good the Star Ac which should make its comeback. In a recent press release, TF1 declared as follows: “Orchestrated by Nikos Aliagas, the most famous musical academy in France will soon welcome a new promotion”.

And to continue: “Singing, dancing, theatre… In order to become complete artists, this school of excellence will offer passionate and talented academicians the opportunity to follow intensive training surrounded by the best teachers”. Good news for fans of the Star Ac. A bad one for those of Secret Story. MCE TV tells you more!

Secret Story: the Marseillais soon to be cast for the next season?

The Marseillais in the casting of a new project?

Anyway and despite the choice of TF1, it would seem that a brand new project Secret Story is still ongoing. This Tuesday, Vaarrueccos explained that W9 wanted to relaunch the show.

“Yes there will be the Cross this year”dropped the blogger before adding: “But also a new program offered on W9. » What is it about ? From »a confinement show“. And this, ” with cameras filming 24 hours a day« . Like Secret Story in short.

However, the concept should be different. And this time it should be « with known candidates« . Like the people of Marseille ? Mystery. Besides, that’s not all!

This new Secret Story could be a sign that The Princes of Love coming to an end. According to information from Vaarruecos, the show should not return to the channel.

Especially since the 9th season had been deprogrammed. Ouch… “I already told you. This show will never see the light of day again. In any case, it’s over for a long time! In any event, it was a very, very scripted show over the past few seasons. So we’ll get over it! Lol “.

For now no info has leaked yet. It remains to be seen whether W9 intends to say more. We must therefore remain on the lookout. Case to follow… And very closely.


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