Secret Story: a former candidate suffered a stroke!

A former Secret Story candidate was close to death after having a stroke! She gave her news!

Hard blow for a candidate for season 8 of Secret Story who had an extraordinary secret! She confided on social networks that she suffered a stroke. MCE TV therefore tells you everything from A to Z.

A former candidate of Secret Story victim of a stroke

This Monday, January 23, Élodie Ortisset suffered a Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA). If this name means something to you, it is because this woman is not unknown to the general public… Indeed, she participated in Secret Story on TF1.

Yes remember! Élodie Ortisset was therefore in the same season of Secret Story as Vivian, candidate that you always see on the small screen, that either in Les Cinquante or in the Cross.

Originally from Montauban, the young woman had an atypical secret: “I was born under X”. She stood out in Secret Story with her fiery character… We remember dMany disputes during his season…

Especially with Elodie. She didn’t like him at all! But as and when, his strong temper has annoyed the candidates of Secret Story. But also the public… So much so that it was therefore eliminated after three weeks of adventure.

Subsequently, the young candidate of Secret Story therefore participated in Season 1 of The Villa of Broken Hearts. She had revealed herself in complete privacy. But since, Élodie Ortisset is very discreet…

Élodie Ortisset tells her terrible news

To date, Élodie Ortisset (Secret Story) leads a quiet life, far from the world of reality TV. And being followed by more than 59,000 people on Instagram, she does not hesitate to tell the details of her life.

After she made herself known in Secret Story, the pretty brunette toldthat she had been the victim of an attack in his town in the south of France. In fact, she has explained that she was at a bus stop. Then man attacked him.

He approached her to shoot her. We remember his moving message: “I could say that once in my life, I was shot. Probable cause: I do TV, I am a woman, a typical woman. »

Eventually, she managed to recover. But this Monday, January 23, she announced terrible news… Élodie Ortisset (Secret Story) then explains to her fans that she was the victim of a stroke. She wrote the three letters AVC in capitals in her story.

A total shock for his many fans who did not fail to comment on his last photo. There are then messages of support, and a lot of love. Very touched, Élodie Ortisset (Secret Story) therefore gave her news:

“It’s alright, I’ll let you know. Thanks. » This reassures his many fans. The former Secret Story has not given more details for the moment. She takes care of herself. We wish him a good recovery!


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