Scholarship: the advice to follow to benefit from it!

Our colleagues from Futura Sciences have just given tips and advice on how to benefit from the scholarship.

Many students are no doubt in the process of applying for their scholarship. But to do this, several points need to be considered. Indeed, you must check several things before making your request. Fortunately, we give you some tips.

Stars who help

But before revealing the advice revealed by our colleagues, did you know that stars can help you get a scholarship? Proof of this is with Beyoncé in 2018. Indeed, Queen B was partnering with Google to launch a special scholarship.

The Silicon Valley giant spoke about this scholarship in the columns of Variety. Explaining in particular: “For many years, Google has launched innovative programs. To reduce the distance between Silicon Valley and universities. We are proud to continue our commitment thanks to Beyoncé’s generous donation.”.

This is not the first time that the artist has made such a gesture. Indeed, in 2017, she launched a program scholarships to celebrate the anniversary of his album “Lemonade”. However, this only concerned the inhabitants of the United States.

So what do you have to do to have a scholarship in our territory? Our colleagues already advise to do it well in advance. According to them, the faster you are going to put together your files, the faster you will get your scholarship.

However, a question comes up. If you are entitled to a study grant when you are also entitled to housing assistance. Well know that it takes nothing away from you. Or almost. Because you see yourself forced into an important element.

Namely, take out student home insurance. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get housing assistance. On the other hand, if you have subscribed, you will have your help, as well as your scholarship.

Scholarship: the advice to follow to benefit from it!
Scholarship: the advice to follow to benefit from it!

Tips for getting the scholarship

Thereafter, you must pay attention to the establishment in which you enter. Indeed, maybe you didn’t know it, but colleges are not compatible with the CROUS. And especially in private.

Some establishments do not give not eligible for scholarship issued by the organization. In fact, you must find out whether the place you are going to will give you this possibility. And will you be entitled to it with a student job?

Because yes, many people think that it is impossible to have a student grant and a student job. However, this would be quite possible according to our colleagues. Moreover, the media even advises to combine the two.

Finally, know that you will have to have good results during your college career. Otherwise, your scholarship may well be cancelled. At least, from the third year. Given that “if the student does not validate any university credit the first year… He can still open his rights the second year”.

However, our colleagues specify that a student will have to justify at least 60 credits in the 3rd year. If this is not the case, the chances of obtaining a scholarship will be reduced.


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