Samsung reportedly working on a Pink shade of Samsung Galaxy S8 to raise awareness about breast cancer

When Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched a few months ago, it was great to see it coming in five different color options: Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Orchid Grey, Arctic Silver and Maple Gold. Yes, Samsung has some serious fascination with fancy names, and there’s a good chance that in this wide range of color options you can certainly find one that you like.

However, now there’re chances that this color choice may be expanded to include one more color, and that too for a good cause. That’s right – one of our sources has told us on the condition of anonymity that Samsung is probably going to roll out a seventh, pink-ish shade for Galaxy S8 to raise Breast Cancer awareness. It’s expected to look something like this:

According to some sources Samsung Galaxy S8 Pink color is coming soon
According to some sources Samsung Galaxy S8 Pink color is coming soon

The device in new shade may be revealed sometime in October, the month that’s celebrated in many countries as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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It’s worth noting that Samsung Electronics, the parent company of Samsung Mobile, has supported the cause of Breast Cancer at least twice in past as well.

  • The Europe arm of Samsung Electronics started Samsung Breast Cancer Initiative in partnership with Susan G. Komen organization in November 2008. The initiative aims to provide funding opportunities to NGOs and Non-Profit organizations working to eradicate Breast Cancer from Europe.
  • Similarly, last year in US Samsung partnered with American Cancer Society and Breezie Inc. to create customized solutions for Breast Cancer patients. The solution, known as MyJourney Compass, was developed by American Cancer Society and it aimed to provide relevant information to patients about progress of their treatment. While Breezie provided its interface to serve that information, Samsung provided its Galaxy Tab devices with its KNOX security platform. Samsung was chosen as a partner because security and privacy of such health data is of critical importance, and with KNOX platform Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices were well-positioned to provide such security.

Therefore, the possibility of this particular shade being revealed to raise awareness for Breast Cancer can’t be ruled out. But again, currently we should take it with a pinch of salt. But if this particular one comes out indeed… will you go and buy it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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