Samsung Pay is no longer compatible with some smartphones

If Apple worshipers can use the Apple Pay function to pay for their purchases via NFC, the Samsung camp can rely on a similar function, called Samsung Pay. Unlike Apple’s service, Samsung Pay is obviously compatible with the Galaxy ecosystem, but it is also compatible with a smartphone from a competing brand, provided you have a Samsung watch on your wrist. In this way, it is possible to use Samsung Pay to pay for purchases in a simple and secure way. Well, all of this was before the tragedy of course…

Samsung Pay has stopped working

Indeed, for a few days, users have reported a serious malfunction on the side of Samsung Pay. Impossible for them to launch the Samsung Pay application on their smartphone, as was the case a short time ago. Each time, the same error message, indicating that the requested identifier is not valid… Obviously, before that, payment via Samsung Pay worked perfectly on the smartphones in question.

One could legitimately think that this is just a simple bug, but it turns out that some customer service people at Samsung said that Samsung Pay simply does not work on non-Samsung smartphones anymore. On the side of SamMobile, we evoke a necessarily erroneous answer, explaining “that such a significant change would have been announced by Samsung months before“.

Remember in passing that Samsung recently unveiled a new application for payments, cards, keys and cryptos. A single application to bring together all the functionalities using the NFC module, as well as others such as storing passwords and cryptocurrencies.

It remains to be seen now if the Korean giant will quickly correct the malfunction… or if it will confirm that, indeed, its payment service will now be reserved for the brand’s smartphones. Remember that Samsung will offer an event to its fans this summer, which will notably allow the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.


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