Samsung may hit hard on prices this year

Samsung has just unveiled an excellent Galaxy S21 FE just before launching three new Galaxy S22s particularly anticipated this year. As you can see in our special Galaxy S22 file, we already know almost everything about these smartphones. We know, for example, that they will be equipped with a brand new Exynos 2200 processor in Europe.

This smartphone chip is the first to embed a real AMD mobile GPU under RDNA2 architecture, like the chip from the PlayStation 5 for example. We should therefore see a real leap in performance on the European variants.

Find out in advance the prices in euros of the Galaxy S22

What, in theory, reduce the gap a little with the iPhone, still significantly more powerful in 2022 than their Android competitors.

However, despite the avalanche of information already available on the future Galaxy S22, one piece of data was still outstanding: the real prices in euros of smartphones. A leaker generally fairly fair Snoopy, has just published a list of prices taken from the first listings. He immediately specifies that the final prices are likely to be slightly different:

  • Galaxy S22 8/128 : 912,00 €
  • Galaxy S22 8/256 : 963,50 €
  • Galaxy S22+ 8/128 : 1 119,00 €
  • Galaxy S22+ 8/256 : 1 170,50 €
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra 12/256 : 1 430,00 €
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra 12/512 : 1 544,50 €

As a reminder, the prices of the Galaxy S21 were as follows when they were released:

  • Galaxy S21 8/128 : 859,00 €
  • Galaxy S21 8/256 : 909,00 €
  • Galaxy S21+ 8/128 : 1059,00 €
  • Galaxy S21+ 8/256 : 1109,00 €
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 12/128 : 1259,00 €
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 12/256 : 1309,00 €
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 12/512 : 1439,00 €

So, if these prices are confirmed, you will pay the entry-level models around 54 euros more expensive. The S22 + will cost you € 60 and € 70.50 more respectively than the previous generation. Finally, the Galaxy S21 Ultra (256 and 512 GB) are the most affected by an increase. The increase is close to 10% on the 256 GB model with an additional cost of 121 € compared to the previous generation.

As for the Galaxy S22 Ultra 512 GB, it will cost around € 105.50 more expensive than the previous generation, i.e. around 7% increase. Obviously, an increase in prices cannot be excluded in the final prices. Samsung is hit like all the others by the logistical difficulties at the global level, and by the increase in the manufacturing costs of mobile chips against a background of shortages. Additional costs that will likely be borne by customers.


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