Samsung Galaxy S9 Likely to Come With Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 is likely to come with in-display fingerprint sensor
  • The leak is based on a tip from some of our highly placed sources
  • Efforts to implement the optical fingerprint sensor are going since the time of Galaxy S8 in research facilities of Samsung.

Another day, and another major Samsung Galaxy S9 leak has come out to fuel our impatience. After the rumors of 8GB RAM coming loaded into this powerful beast now we’ve come to know something about its fingerprint sensor.

And while what we’ve come to know was pretty obvious for quite some time, there was a little doubt about it. But now with the information that we’ve received that doubt is starting to be cleared.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Sensor Inbuilt
Samsung Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Sensor Inbuilt – Source:

That’s right – some of our trusted sources in Samsung’s R&D teams have told us that there’s a very good chance of Samsung Galaxy S9 coming with a display-embedded fingerprint sensor. The research on the implementation is moving in the right direction, and there’s a high probability that by the time of S9’s launch company may figure out the way of embedding a fingerprint sensor under the display.

Now this is a big news, because users and Samsung both have been waiting for an optical fingerprint sensor since the days of Galaxy S8. It has been a long wait, so if everything goes according to plan and Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with an optical fingerprint sensor then it’ll be like a dream coming true for most of us.

It’s worth noting that implementing this feature hasn’t been an easy task so far for any manufacturer. Apple, Samsung and all other manufacturers who tried it have faced several difficulties in hiding the fingerprint sensor underneath display. In fact, Apple is even rumored to entirely ditch the feature of fingerprint sensor in its iPhone 8 for the same reason.

However, despite the technical difficulties of implementing this particular feature, there’re some companies which have figured out (at least to a certain extent) how to make an optical fingerprint sensor that’s both practical and cool.

Vivo and Qualcomm are two such companies, which collectively developed and demonstrated first working under-display fingerprint sensor some time ago. Their implementation, while not ready to be implemented in any finalized product, was still at a stage that it worked as it’s supposed to work. Now, since Qualcomm is Samsung’s largest partner in the smartphone game, needless to say that if needed company may also take some help from the chipmaking giant to develop its fingerprint sensor as soon as possible.

So there’s a good chance of Samsung Galaxy S9 coming with an in-display fingerprint sensor in Q1 2018.

But don’t hold your breathe for it – because after all, it’s still a rumor and nothing is finalized until it’s teased by Samsung (or at least seen in a few working prototypes of the device). May be we can get more sure about it in the coming days.


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