Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini Spotted by Korean Media, Likely to Have Smaller Display, Processor and RAM

Korean site ITHome has just heard about the existence of a Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini, and it seems to be a very promising device. It has been quite some time since Samsung launched a Mini smartphone. Since Galaxy S5 company has not launched any mini version of its flagship Galaxy S smartphones, and even the minis that were launched till then were not the flagship products in any sense. But now it seems that Samsung wants to correct those mistakes. Let’s see what else has leaked about it.

According to ITHome Samsung Galaxy S8 mini is likely to come in a more compact form factor than its predecessor. The device is expected to have a 5.3-inch display, Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. In a nutshell, it’ll be the minimized version of original S8 in almost all departments. Camera and iris scanners may be kept intact, but the device will still be a minimized version of Galaxy S8.

However, despite this minimization, it’s very likely to be loved by a lot of people, especially by people who don’t like the sizes where phones are reaching these days.

So, if you weren’t purchasing Galaxy S8 primarily because of its size, you may get another option, but that will come at the expense of some performance power. However, it’s also not too much of a compromise when observed carefully, because of Snapdragon 821, when combined with 4GB of RAM, provides smooth processing for most day-to-day tasks, and also for some resource hungry tasks. Experience counts more than anything else, which can certainly be delivered with this kind of hardware.

Not much else is known about Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini as of now, as this is the first leak about it. But now when this leak has emerged, in coming days we may get to see many other leaks as well. We’ll bring you more details about this upcoming mini flagship as they come out, so keep checking HiTechWiki. And also let us know your thoughts on the above-mentioned specs of this smartphone in the comments below. Will you be interested in buying it if it comes with the specs listed above? Why and why not – we’d love to hear your thoughts, so please sound them in comments.


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