Samsung Galaxy S8 to get an update for “red screen”

We all have familiar with the upcoming smartphone Samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus. This is the smartphone which initiates a huge difference in the design of Samsung smartphones as this smartphone comes with a complete full body display with no home button in the front and fingerprint sensor is provide on the back which is done by Samsung for the first time. This is the smartphone whom everybody wants to touch, to buy. People are crazy about this smartphone, also some people are ready to pay more to but it now. These all statement can make you aware of the craze of Samsung galaxy s8.

Also, we have come to know about this smartphone through others countries where this smartphone is easily available that this smartphone is the fastest smartphone present in the market right now and also it comes power packed with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 chipsets which made this smartphone super-fast and powerful. This smartphone has much more features than anyone can assume for the smartphone. But this smartphone has only one major feature missing in it and that is the screen color adjustment feature which made the screen slightly red and made it comfortable for night readings. But Samsung has taken a big step for that feature also and you will not need to worry about that missing feature anymore because Samsung is going to provide a software update for the Samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus and by this update, there will be a new feature added to your smartphone for screen color adjustment or maybe that feature will be named as “red screen”.

So this is the great news for Samsung lovers and who are missing this feature in the Samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus. This update will be there in your Samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus very soon.


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