Samsung Galaxy S22: release date, price, features, all info

The new S22 range will soon take over from the Galaxy S21. But what to expect Does Samsung provide daunting characteristics for its future flagships? What are the most insistent rumors? We are clearing it all up in this special dossier!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
A rendering of the S22 Ultra (OnLeaks x

Like every year, the new Galaxy S range will be closely scrutinized. Composed of three models (S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra), it brings together all of Samsung’s skills in mobile telephony. Sleek design, increased power, innovations, competitive photo module… Will Samsung still set the pace in the ultra-competitive mobile telephony market? It is obviously still too early to say for sure.

In this file, we list all the rumors revolving around the future S22 range. What to wait until its official presentation. We will update this article regularly as new information reaches our ears.

Samsung Galaxy S22: when to release?

Originally, Samsung favored the month of February to present its new flagships. Still, the manufacturer had chosen January to unveil its Galaxy S21. It could thus be that it opts again for the first month of the year to present its new range to consumers. The new models would then be marketed a few weeks later. Moreover, the Korean media The Elec advance that the entry into mass production was scheduled for November. A release of smartphones in January would thus be credible.

On the other hand, another sound of bell resonates on the side of the informant FrontTron. Which claims that the Galaxy S22 will be launched from December for availability in January.

Samsung Galaxy S22: design and technical sheet

No visual revolution to predict

On the visual aspect, we should not expect a revolution. Very light borders, selfie sensor in the center, photo module arranged vertically … The renderings released by OnLeaks show that the S22 will display substantially the same curves as the S21.

As for the S22 Ultra, the rear photo module could indeed change. On visuals, we can observe that the rear photo unit appears as a P. Three sensors are integrated vertically while two other sensors are enthroned to their right. But OnLeaks also unveiled another visual where the rear photo module is split into two separate blocks. We will therefore have to wait to know which one was finally favored by Samsung.

Slightly smaller screens?

According to FrontTron and Ice Universe, Samsung would have planned slightly smaller screens for the new iterations of its Galaxy S range. While that of the S21 measured 6.22 inches, the Galaxy S22 could go down to 6.09 inches. Ditto for the Galaxy S22 + which would be 6.55 inches while its predecessor measured 6.7 inches. On the other hand, the screen of the S22 Ultra would have more or less the same size (6.81 inches).

In detail, the S22 and S22 + would benefit from LTPS (Low Temperature PolySilicon) technology and Full HD + definition. For its part, the S22 Ultra would broadcast QDH + with its LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) screen. Moreover, the three smartphones would each have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

What chips?

Samsung has a specific policy on its chips. Depending on the target market, the manufacturer does not integrate the same SoCs. Concretely, Snapdragon chips are generally reserved for China and the USA. For the rest of the world, the manufacturer is betting on its Exynos home chips. Except that the manufacturer is struggling to produce enough Exynos 2200 chips, says Naver media. Therefore, the Galaxy S22 will mostly have a Snapdragon 898 chip.

The Tron leaker however argues that South America and Europe will be the only markets where the S22 will ship an Exynos 2200 chip with an engraving of 5 nm. Obviously, Samsung can still revise its plans until the launch of mass production.

What about the photo part?

Ice Universe and OnLeaks jointly announce that the S22 and S22 + will benefit from a 50-megapixel wide-angle sensor (12 megapixels on the S21) and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle. What’s more, a 10-megapixel telephoto lens would take the place of the 64-megapixel telephoto lens. However, it would now have an optical zoom of x3.

As for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, few innovations would be planned. According to the Galaxy Club blog, it would thus retain its base sensor of 108 megapixels, its ultra wide-angle of 12 megapixels as well as its periscope and telephoto lenses of 10 megapixels each. Ice Universe is still considering a definition jump on the side of telephoto lenses that would go to 12 megapixels. And that’s not all. The informant also announces the arrival of the continuous optical zoom which would make it possible to offer zoomed images much more qualitative.

Which batteries?

Rumors vary among different informants. According to Ice Universe, the S22’s battery would have a capacity of 3800 mAh while that of the S21 was 4000 mAh. As for the S22 +, we would go down to 4600 mAh (against 4800 mAh previously). On the other hand, the Ultra version would still have a 5000 mAh battery. OnLeaks says, however, that the S22 Ultra would have a 4500 mAh battery.

Important note: these less substantial capacities do not however mean that the autonomy will be less. Samsung should therefore ensure that the other components consume less energy. And for good reason, autonomy is a key factor in the choice of acquiring a new smartphone. The builder cannot afford to drop it.

In addition, the future Galaxy S22 could well be compatible with fast charging in 65 W, which would be a notable advance. Unfortunately, rumors from the hallways indicate that the tests were inconclusive. So much so that Samsung would rather have opted for a fast charging at 45W.

The S Pen would be there!

The images unveiled by OnLeaks leave little room for doubt. The famous S-Pen stylus will be well compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Information corroborated by the Galaxy Club site. What is the death knell for the Galaxy Note range?

Samsung Galaxy S22: what prices?

Pricing for the S22 trio has yet to be released. However, we can imagine that the manufacturer will remain in the same range so as not to be left behind by its rivals. Thus, for information, here are the prices of the previous range in their basic configuration: 859 euros (S21), 1059 euros (S21 +), 1259 euros (S22 Ultra).


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