Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may include more distance between Camera lens and Fingerprint Sensor

As we all know most of the people are not satisfied with Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor because it is very close to camera So, Samsung may include more distance between Galaxy Note 8’s camera and fingerprint sensor.

We already know that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t coming with a screen embedded fingerprint sensor. However, now a new leak has come out which tells us that the this may not be as disappointing as we were thinking. While the sensor will be present on Note 8’s back, this time its positioning may be better than that in Galaxy S8.

That’s right – according to a recent CAD tweeted by Jonathan Endicott, the CEO of popular smartphone case maker Slickwraps, Galaxy Note 8 is likely to include more distance between fingerprint sensor and camera sensor so you don’t end up smudging the camera lens every time when you want to use the fingerprint scanner. You can see the CAD below:

So, it turns out that company was listening to the feedback. Good thing. The lack of distance between camera lens and fingerprint sensor earned Sammy a lot of criticism. The problem of touching one thing for another was so common that company had to tell its Galaxy S8 and S8+ users to “remember cleaning their camera lenses regularly.” Obviously, not good for a company of Samsung’s stature.

Now, while this change won’t solve the problem as perfectly as a sensor located somewhere else (maybe under the display, or in the home button like Apple’s iPhone 7), it should certainly decrease the instances of it, so it’s an improvement to welcome.

By taking a step to improve an area of massive criticism Samsung has tried another thing to tempt users from iPhone 8 or Google Pixel 2, which is coming in September and October respectively. But will that work? Of course, the company offers best screen-to-body ratio in the industry as of now, but that advantage is unlikely to remain after the launch of iPhone 8 and a supersized Google Pixel 2 XL. In such a scenario it’ll be interesting to see what sort of differentiation Galaxy Note 8 can offer to its users. But if there are little differentiation and a hefty price tag (as we’ve already heard about it), this Galaxy Note launch may not go for the company as per its plans.


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