Samsung empties the stock, its price is brutally sacrificed 🔥

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are targeted by a new good plan on the official site. The Korean brand has chosen to highlight the entire range of its premium devices this week. The mini prices displayed will not last, we have never seen such generous discounts.

If you are looking for one of the best Android smartphones, now is the time to save some big money. By accumulating all the advantages (including some financial ones), you will significantly lower the price of the latest Galaxy S21s.

Below are some of the bonuses awarded:

  • Up to 110 euros immediate reduction
  • Galaxy Buds Live offered (129 euros)
  • 100 euros bonus on pick-up in addition to the basic amount
  • 5% en points Samsung Rewards

To discover the offers on the Galaxy S21, it’s here:

View Samsung Offers

The Samsung Galaxy S21 have been very popular since their release, so much so that some colors and storage formats are already unavailable due to lack of stock. In short, we must act as quickly as possible to benefit from these offers. The Official Store no longer has many references of these three models available, especially at these advantageous prices.

The good plans on these Galaxy S21

The advantages over the Samsung Galaxy S21 are as numerous as they are generous. They concern the entire range of premium smartphones, but they can be more or less important depending on the model you choose. We will detail these, you can also go directly to the official website to use the simulator and immediately see the price of your future smartphone with the current offers.

The Galaxy S21 + and S21 Ultra come with a reduction of 110 euros – all storage formats and colors are affected. This is perfect to bring down the final price of these two models, the discount applies as soon as the phone is added to your cart. These being the most premium versions of this 2021 generation, you can even choose the best while greatly reducing costs… and that’s not all.

Samsung highlights a recovery bonus of 100 euros. To be eligible, you must return your current smartphone after ordering the Galaxy S21 of your choice. You can calculate the trade-in amount on the website by indicating the make, model and condition of the device, after which you add the bonus of 100 euros. Once again, this amount is withdrawn when ordering. The latter can go up to a few hundred euros, it is another opportunity to save money.

The official site has also decided to give you a gift when you pick up a Galaxy S21 on its site (all models and all colors). Indeed, the store offers you the Galaxy Buds Live with the purchase of the phone, or wireless headphones worth 129 euros. You can decide on the color when ordering, after which all you have to do is enjoy your favorite music with the smartphone and headphones. Finally, you accumulate 5% in Samsung Rewards points, a pot to use on the store on your next orders.

If you still have an ounce of hesitation, know that the official site offers you a second chance. When you receive the Samsung Galaxy S21, you have 14 days to choose to return it (it’s free) for a full refund. In addition, the store delivers to you within two to three working days (excluding exclusive colors), so you can enjoy your new smartphone as quickly as possible.

How to choose the right Samsung device

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are premium smartphones, they are the most high-end models of the brand. They are entitled to all the technical and aesthetic characteristics expected of such devices. The Asian manufacturer knows how to capitalize on its know-how in order to present high-performance phones – and as much to say that the result is up to this recent generation. You have the choice between the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra, these versions meet everyone’s expectations.

If the Samsung Galaxy S21 are among the best smartphones in the world, it is in part thanks to the power provided by the Exynos 2100 chip. The manufacturer relies on a processor developed in-house especially for this premium range. In the end, this turns out to be perfect for everyday activities (sending messages, etc.), but also for services that require more power (image processing, mobile games, etc.).

Once again, Samsung is building on its status as a screen expert. Thus, each model has an OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, we could not expect less from the brand for such premium smartphones. For sizes, you have a choice of 6.2, 6.7 and 6.8 inches. Some people will prefer a classic and (relatively) compact model while those who want a large panel will definitely turn to the S21 + or S21 Ultra versions. In addition, the latter are also entitled to the best benefits, as we mentioned above.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 offers a good autonomy provided by batteries of 4000 mAh, 4500 mAh and 5000 mAh depending on the model. This is in the high average of premium smartphones available today, you will be able to capacity the phone for a long time before having to recharge it. To do this, you are entitled to fast, wireless and reverse charging on all versions. If you are looking for a very high-end phone on sale, this is an opportunity to seize as soon as possible, the remaining models will not be accessible for very long.

To save money on the Galaxy S21, it’s here:

View Samsung Offers


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