Samsung: cloud gaming arrives on its TVs in 2022

Cloud gaming is finally landing on Samsung TVs in 2022. The South Korean giant will present its next TVs at CES 2022 within a few days. Some models will be compatible with the new gaming platform, Samsung Gaming Hub.

Like every year, Samsung will present its new TVs of the year at CES 2022. This will also be the occasion for the South Korean giant to announce the arrival of its new platform dedicated to cloud gaming, Samsung Gaming Hub. However, not all TV models in 2022 will be compatible with the Samsung Gaming Hub.

Samsung TV from CES 2022
CES 2022 Samsung TV – Credit: Samsung

Indeed, only “selected” TV models will host the new cloud gaming platform this year. Samsung Gaming Hub will work somewhat like the Netflix of video games. The platform will provide access to various streaming game services such as NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, Google Stadia or Utomik.

According to Samsung’s press release, other cloud gaming services will be added after the launch of Samsung Gaming Hub. However, PlayStation Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming which arrived on PC, Mac and iOS in 2021 will not be supported at launch.

The interface of Samsung Gaming Hub will allow the user easy access to all available games. He will also be able to buy the games directly from the hub without having to launch the services individually. Games will be recommended to each user profile. Moreover, cloud gaming services will not be preinstalled on televisions. They will be available in the hub.

Additionally, the Samsung Gaming Hub will support multiple controllers. This will include the DualSense of the PlayStation 5 and the controller of the Xbox Series X / S. Samsung Electronics Corporate Chairman Won-Jin Lee said: “ We know that gaming continues to grow in popularity with our customers, and we’ve bridged the gap between our leadership in smart TVs and advanced gaming software to create an easier way for people to enjoy the games they like, faster ».

Finally, Samsung Gaming Hub will be available later this year on compatible TVs. These will be presented in a few days at CES 2022.

Source : Gizmodo


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