Ryan Reynolds offered a Deadpool and Bambi crossover to Disney

It is only Ryan Reynolds to propose such a plan for an excursion to Disney. In an interview, the American actor told IGN that he asked Mickey’s firm if it was possible to make a short film with Deadpool and Bambi. He wanted the famous mercenary to come back to the origins of the death of the mother of the little fawn …

Deadpool Bambi
Deadpool / Bambi © Marvel et Disney

According to IGN, Ryan Reynolds suggested that Disney do a crossover between Deadpool and… Bambi, the sixth animated feature film and the fifth greatest animated classic from Disney studios, released in 1942. He tells our colleagues how he came up with this idea and above all, what Disney thought of it.

A short film with Deadpool and Bambi

« I wanted to make a short film with Deadpool interviewing the hunter who killed Bambi’s mother Ryan Reynolds explained to our colleagues at IGN. A crazy idea, but very serious for the actor. ” But the bottom line was that Deadpool was actually just a big fan. He doesn’t question Bambi. He just wanted to know how he could become the most hated Disney character in the history of the firm. He said.

Of course, Disney gently brushed off this idea with the back of his hand. « Disney was in “um, well, we don’t think that will ever happen” mode ” he added. In fact, such a crossover will probably never happen, and that’s a shame, because we would have been particularly curious to see the result. On the other hand, it is not surprising that Disney refused such an idea, given the huge difference between the two universes.

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Meanwhile, a third film Deadpool is currently under preparation. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said it will be rated R in the US, meaning minors (17 and under) will need to be accompanied by an adult to view it.

Ryan Reynolds will be returning to the big screen very soon with Free Guy, a film by Shawn Levy where the actor, who plays the role of a lonely bank clerk, discovers that he is nothing but an NPC in the vast world of a video game called Free City . It will be released on August 11 in our dark rooms.



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