Riverdale: why the Netflix series will soon end definitively?

Netflix has sad news for its subscribers. And for good reason, the Riverdale series could end definitively.

This is news that may not please some Netflix subscribers. The platform could end the series Riverdale. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix is ​​sorting

For the past few months, Netflix has been beating garlic. Indeed, the platform lost 200,000 subscribers, a first in 10 years. So the American giant decided to react.

To go up the slope, Netflix has therefore decided to suspend certain projects, the aim being to limit costs as much as possible. But, that’s not the only decision the streaming platform has made.

Earlier this week, the American giant decided to fire 150 employees. With the same objective of paying attention to the group’s budget.

One thing is sure, Netflix has not finished worrying its subscribers. Yes because, for the moment, everyone is waiting to know whether or not the platform will impose ads on its app.

By doing this, Netflix risks putting a bullet in the foot more than anything else. But, for the moment, nothing is certain.

Finally there is someone who asks a lot of questions about Netflix. The question is whether the series Riverdale is about to come to an end. For the greatest regret of the fans of the series.

One thing is certain, Netflix’s teen series, Riverdalewill have a season 7. But this may well be the last. MCE TV tells you more!

Why is the series going to end soon?

Everyone knows that Riverdale is doomed to come to an end. Yes, Netflix has decided to end the series soon.

Moreover the actors ended up making up their minds. Afterwards, it must be said that they have spent good memories between them. In 7 seasons, a lot has happened.

As everyone knows, season 7 of Riverdale is beautiful and well ordered for the month of March 2022. Thus, the latter is destined to close the story of the series.

One of the actresses of the Netflix series also confided: ” We hope to do a seventh season… And then it will probably be the last”. But, it’s far from the only thought that the end of Riverdale is near.

For his part, Cole Spouse is of the same opinion. “We are definitely coming to the end., if we rely, quite honestly, on our contracts. We are all heading towards the end of these seven years”he explained.

But, this is not the only reason that eexplains Riverdale is coming to an end. Indeed, this final point is also linked to the situation of the CW channel in the United States, from which ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia would hope to separate.

For the moment, neither the production nor Netflix has clearly said that the series was going to stop or not. To be fixed on the fate of the latter, we will have to wait a little longer.


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