Rihanna: her “Diamonds” clip reaches 2 billion views on YouTube!

Rihanna’s Diamonds clip, released in November 2012, has just exceeded two billion views on YouTube.

Rihanna has just broken a new musical record while it has been more than six years since she released anything. Indeed, the clip of his song Diamonds surpassed two billion views on YouTube. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

The whole world is waiting for Rihanna’s next album

It’s been six years since Rihanna fans have heard new music from their favorite singer. In effect, his latest album is Anti and date of 2016.

It is therefore from this date that the whole world is waiting for a new album from Riri. And if she is present in her side projects like her companies, it is her music that we expect the most.

Especially since Rihanna teased her new project in such a way that the impatience is felt on the side of the fans. “You’re not ready for what you’re about to hear. Whatever you know of Rihanna, that won’t be what you hear.”she confided last year to Associated Press.

But there, his next album is not likely to see the light of day anytime soon. In effect, four months ago, Rihanna had her first child with Asap Rocky.

So that’s reason enough to take a break and give yourself time to enjoy his new family life which begins. And she is right !

But this pushes his fans to stream his old songs as much as possible. This is how the clip of Diamonds surpassed two billion views on YouTube. MCE TV tells you more!

Diamonds has surpassed 2 billion views on YouTube

It is on November 8, 2012 that the clip of the title Diamonds by Rihanna is published on YouTube. Directed by Anthony Madler, the clip immediately enjoyed the same success as the song.

But that, Rihanna is used to it. In fact, no less than seven of the clips in which she participated have exceeded one billion views. Which makes her the singer who has the most clips that have exceeded this milestone.

We Found Love with Calvin Harris (1.041 billion), This is what you came for (2,5 millards)Love The Way you Lie avec Eminem (2.46 billion) or even Work with Drake (1.92 billion) have all exceeded this milestone.

But that’s not all ! Can’t Remember to Forget You with Shakira (1.21 billion) and Wild Thoughts with DJ Khaled (1.05 billion) are also part of this list. Not bad !

However, on September 22, 2022, Diamonds has exceeded not one billion but 2 billion views on YouTube. This makes this Rihanna’s most viewed solo clip ever throughout his career.

And this, while she has not released anything since 2016. So that’s pretty impressive from Asap Rocky’s darling. It remains to be seen if she will break other records before the release of her next album. It is therefore a case to follow closely!

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