Rest of the World: the couple Nicolo and Victoria Méhault finally confirmed?

According to the latest rumors, Nicolo (The Rest of the World) and Victoria Mehault (Les Marseillais) would be in a relationship since Les Cinquante.

According to information from certain bloggers, Nicolo and Victoria Mehault would be in a relationship. The star of Rest of the world would have succumbed to the charms of the Marseillaise. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

What twists and turns in the Rest of the World

It has already been several weeks since the episodes of the Rest of the world follow one another on the small screen. And the least we can say is that this new adventure is rich in twists and turns.

Indeed, since his arrival in the Spanish villa, Simon has not ceased to revolve around Virginie. And this, while he is in a relationship with Adixia.

A situation that viewers condemn. On social networks, the son of Benjamin Castaldi is the victim of violent insults.

“The Simon I can’t… He acts like a guy because he’s a Castaldi, but hit him”, “Simon Castaldi is the definition of a dog in person”, “Simon Castaldi disgusts me”, “Simon Castaldi who allowed himself to criticize Illan on the basis of ‘He who does not respect women does not respect his own mother’ and who does 10 x worse in Adixia, this junkyard dog”, could we read.

But also : “The Simon who thinks he’s allowed everything under the pretext that his name is Castaldi is fine for two minutes”, “But banish Simon Castaldi from all television programs out of pity”, ” I dream of meeting Simon Castaldi to insult him gratuitously and throw an object at his head”.

Words that did not fail to make the candidate of the Rest of the world. Neither one nor two, the latter took over his Instagram account in order to to silence the gossips.

“Want to rename me the rabbit on Insta to stop this kind of criticism so easy to bring everything back to my name and my family. If my producers didn’t want me, I could have been called Sarkozy or Macron, it was the same. Discrimination on the famous “piston” is to stack in France. Poor mentality. »

One thing is certain, it is that the star of Rest of the world is very up.

Nicolo as a couple again

If Nicolo was disappointed with Simon’s attitude on the set of Rest of the world, the ex from Virginie seems to have finally turned the page. Indeed, for several weeks, a rumor has been circulating on social networks.

According to some bloggers, the Milanese would have ended up finding love. He would currently be in a relationship with a star of the Marseillais family.

Eh yes ! It’s on the set of Fifty that the handsome Italian would have fallen under the spell of Victoria Mehault. And clues seem to confirm the statements.

Recently, the candidate of Rest of the world claimed not to be more alone“. He also added to be « much happier and more fulfilled”.

And that’s not all ! A story shared by Mélanie ORL also seems to give reason to the rumors. On this one, the ex of Bastos was in FaceTime with the young man. So what to talk about…

The star of Marseilles is she really in a relationship with that of Rest of the world ? To be continued…


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