Rest of the world: Simon Castaldi still criticized because of his name!

On his Instagram account, Simon Castaldi from the Rest of the World has again suffered criticism because of his surname.

It is not always easy to carry a family name known to all. Simon Castaldi, candidate for the Rest of the World is not going to say the opposite. The son of Benjamin Castaldi has indeed suffered the wrath of many Internet users. And that’s because of his last name…

A name that helps

However, a few weeks ago, the young man expressed his joy at bearing such a name. Although he recognized that this one had helped him a lot in life. Indeed, the fact of being called Castaldi allowed him to participate in many projects.

The candidate from the Rest of the World never hid it and assumed it at Tele-Loisirs. “I made this show because of my name. The plunger is no shame. But I will be frank, I was very bad on this show”. He explained first.

However, his name was not the only help obtained. Since he did not fail to thank another person who allowed him to be where he is now. Namely, the boss of Shauna Event, Magalie Berdah.

“Afterwards, it was Magali Berdah who helped me. She made me meet the producers of ORDM. I passed a casting like everyone else. And I knew how to take my chance. He confided to explain how he had done reality TV.

On the other hand, if he has no shame in bearing this name, it does not mean that he is tender with his father. On the contrary, he does not hesitate to tackle him when he doesn’t like something about him. Proof of this is with his criticisms of his education.

“My father doesn’t suit me. Fortunately my mother is there. She’s the one who manages me, otherwise I’d do a lot of stupid things.”. He explained without undoing his father. The latter, who must be very proud to see his son in the Rest of the World.

Simon Castaldi of the Rest of the world, tackled for his name

On the other hand, there are others who seem rather annoyed to see him. We are not talking about his mother-in-law Flavie Flament, even if he doesn’t really have a good relationship with her. But indeed Internet users.

The latter indeed tackled Simon Castaldi for his name. For them, without it, he would never have participated in the Rest of the World, and did not hesitate to let him know. In any case, this is what they pointed out our colleagues from Melty.

« Simon, you take away his last name, he’s nobody anymore #RDM ». Could we read in the comment of a user before the son of Benji takes the lead. And answers:“Phew, at least I’m someone.”

The candidate for the Rest of the World did not stop there and then uttered a rant, this time on Snapchat. “Want to rename me the rabbit on Instagram. To stop this kind of criticism so easy brought everything back to my name and my family”.

Before adding: « If my producers didn’t want me, I could have been called Sarkozy or Macron, it was the same. Discrimination on the famous piston is to stack in France. Poor mentality”. That is said, and rather clear.


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