Rekkles joins Karmine Corp after leaving G2

While the League of Legends transfer window has just opened, Karmine Corp has decided to strike hard with the recruitment of the iconic ADC Rekkles from G2 Esports.

This is the big sensation of the moment on League of Legends. After being put on the bench at G2 Esports, the legend of LoL, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has just joined the French team of Kameto and Prime, Karmine Corp which evolves in LFL.

On the occasion of the opening of the League of Legends transfer window, KCorp executives Prime and Kameto held a press conference during which they announced a match against the LoL team of Ibai / Gerard Piqué with a first leg in Barcelona and a return leg in Paris.

Twitter : Karmine Corp

Rekkles’ first game in Karmine Corp will be against Ibai and Gerard Pique.

Following this announcement, the departures of three players from the team were also formalized. Indeed, after two seasons with the Blue Wall, xMatty, Targamas and Cinkrof have taken off, to the dismay of the fans.

But as the press conference was about to end, Prime and Kameto ended the live with a quality teasing in which they only announced: “It’s done!”.

Legend Rekkles joins Karmine Corp

While many rumors surrounded him, the iconic Swedish ADC, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson finally joined the French team Karmine Corp in LFL, to everyone’s surprise.

Following his disillusionment with G2 Esports, the former franchise player of FNATIC found himself in a very difficult situation. Still under contract with G2, the structure would have asked the other teams for an estimated sum of at least 1.5 million euros for the buyout of its contract. If the exact terms and amounts of his contract have remained unclear, one thing is certain: Rekkles has not found his place in LEC for 2022.

Rumors then burst, making particular mention of the essential American structure TSM. For a few weeks, everything suggested that Rekkles would therefore join the LCS, where the colossal finances of certain structures make it possible to recruit a number of players of international caliber.

And to everyone’s surprise, it was finally to the Karmine Corp that the Swede turned, which earned an explosion of joy among Blue Wall fans on social networks.

Regarding the rest of the KC roster, everything suggests that Cabochard and The case will still be in the game in 2022. But after the departure of Targamas and Cinkrof, respectively to G2 Esports and Team BDS, it remains to be seen who will occupy the roles of jungle and support.

At the moment, rumors point to two names in particular. First, the team would acquire 113, a young jungle prodigy who won the LVP Superliga this year with Vodafone Giants. To the support role, it is Manage who would make his arrival after previously playing in LFL for Solary and Vitality.Bee.

Karmine Corp’s Supposed Team for LFL Spring Split 2022:

  • Top Lane : Cabochard
  • Jungle : 113
  • Mid Lane : Saken
  • Bot Lane : Rekkles
  • Support : Manage

If this formation were to become official, there is no doubt that it would have all the weapons to conquer the LFL and the EUM. If aligning talented players is not always enough to reach the top, there is no doubt that the KCORP intends to establish its domination on the ERL!


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