Red Notice set to become Netflix’s biggest hit?

According to figures posted online by Deadline, Rawson Marshall Thurber’s film Red Notice is set to become Netflix’s biggest hit.

According to the latest information posted online by Allocine, the feature film Red Notice would be in the process of becoming Netflix’s biggest hit. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Red Notice a feature film with a 5-star cast

Amazon Prime, Hulu, OCS, Disney +. Competition is increasingly fierce in the area of ​​paid streaming. To face rival platforms, Netflix must therefore give it all.

And this, in order to attract the crowds to its own video on demand service. For some time now, SVOD with red N has made it a point of honor to put essential productions online.

And the least we can say is that moviegoers are in heaven. On November 12, a brand new film joined the already available catalog.

It is Red Notice, a creation by Rawson Marshall Thurber. On the program, a 5-star cast and a thrilling story. Indeed, the most fashionable actors of Hollywood were gathered for to stage a major plot.

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Dwayne Johnson (Fast & Furious), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) or Ritu Arya (Umbrella Academy). So many actors who are causing a sensation in the world of the 7th art.

“When Interpol triggers a Red Alert intended for hunt down and capture criminals most wanted in the world, the FBI calls on its best profiler, John Hartley. “

“He travels the planet until the day he finds himself embarked on a spectacular heist and coerced into teaming up with the world’s greatest art thief Nolan Booth to… stop the world’s most wanted art thief, “The Madman.” “

So here is the synopsis of Red Notice uploaded by Allocine. Less than a month later the distribution of the American feature film, it would seem that our colleagues are already formal.

Red Notice is about to become Netflix’s biggest hit. MCE TV tells you more!

A dazzlingly successful film

On September 17, Squid Game was causing a stir on Netflix. Indeed, the South Korean series has been a phenomenal success. And this in just a few days.

But while Hwang Dong-hyeok’s work seems considered one of the platform’s greatest series success stories, it looks like a feature film is going to be. about to reach the podium.

Indeed, Red Notice already has figures out of the ordinary. According to Deadline, the film already counts nearly 278 million hours of viewing. And this, in the world.

A record that could well exceed Bird Box. Eh yes ! The creation of Susanne Bier has, for its part, 282 million hours. A figure which, until now, had not been exceeded.

So you will understand, le film de Rawson Marshall Thurber is already the second most watched Netflix feature film of all time.

It remains to be seen in how long, he will take 1st place ! In any case, one thing is certain, is that Red Notice convinced moviegoers!


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