Ranking of the most beautiful shiny Pokémon | Top 10

Since the appearance of shiny Pokémon, many trainers have been looking for these extremely rare chromatic creatures. But what are the most beautiful shiny Pokémon?

In 1999, millions of trainers armed with their Game Boy Color launched an assault on the second generation of Pokémon. If the Gold and Silver versions have introduced many new creatures and a new region, the biggest contribution of this generation will undoubtedly have been the addition of chromatic Pokémon, more commonly called shiny.

These extremely rare creatures are nothing more or less than alternate versions of the Pokémon we all know. You can immediately recognize them by the little sparkling animation that appears when they enter combat. For the most part, it’s also a radically different color pattern from their original version that gives them all their charm.

Today, all Pokémon have their chromatic version, although it is not always possible to find them in the wild. With 901 species, trainers have obviously started to have their little favorites.

We will take you without further delay to discover the 10 most striking shiny Pokémon!

10 – Feunnec (Fennekin), Roussil (Braixen) and Goupelin (Delphox)

Le Pokémon Feunnec shiny

The fiery little fennec of the first generation is entitled to a sublime chromatic version. Its fur thus changes from yellow to gray, bringing out even better its few flamboyant red tufts.

The Shiny Roussil Pokémon

By evolving into Roussil and even more into Goupelin, purple tints absent from the original version appear. On its final evolution, Goupelin thus has a majestic purple fleece on the lower body which reinforces the appearance of a dress and gives it a real witch look.

Le Pokémon Goupelin shiny

9 – Metalosse (Metagross)

The Shiny Metagross Pokémon

If Metagross is very popular for his qualities as a fighter, we must admit that his gray color gives him a slightly bland side. Fortunately, steel isn’t the only color that can give a Pokémon a metallic look. In its shiny version, Metalossus has a much clearer body that perfectly brings out its claws and its raw gold frame.

8 – Noctali (Umbreon)

The shiny Pokémon Noctali

Noctali is one of the favorite Pokémon of the Pokémon community and has been for many years. And if so many trainers go out of their way to get her shiny version, it’s because she is simply gorgeous.

However very minimalist, the changes made are having an effect. Always covered with a black coat, the little Pokémon has this time swapped its shades of yellow for an electric blue. A minor modification, therefore, which gives it an even more mysterious side!

7 – Ponyta and Galopa (Rapidash)

The shiny Pokémon Ponyta

Sometimes a shiny version can make the affected Pokémon look like it’s totally changed. This is the case with the essential steeds of the first generation: Ponyta and Galopa. By swapping their fiery mane for blue on the Ponyta side and purple for Galopa, the two Pokémon seem to have turned to the Specter!

The shiny Galopa Pokémon

6 – Rayquaza

The shiny Pokémon Rayquaza

Among all the color schemes used by Game Freak and The Pokémon Company when creating shiny, black often hits the mark in the community. A perfect example is Rayquaza which gives off a certain terrifying aura when repainted in black. Already classy in its original version, many still prefer it in chromaticity.

5 – Mega-Ectoplasm (Mega Gengar)

The shiny Mega Ectoplasma Pokémon

Ectoplasma is a true error of nature when it comes to chromatic forms. Indeed, this player-beloved Pokémon has a shiny version to say the least, just seeing its dark purple turn a little blacker… a barely noticeable change.

However, things are changing drastically with its mega-evolution. Indeed, Mega-Ectoplasma turns white as snow, with some pink reflections on the lower body. Enough to further strengthen its ghostly aspect!

4 – Dracaufeu (Charizard)

The shiny Dracaufeu Pokémon

Iconic in its original form, the famous Charizard also boasts a sublime shiny form. The orange covering most of its body here has turned black, and the insides of its wings have been replaced by a beautiful blood-red hue. If the fire starter of the first generation loses a little of his flamboyant side, he sweats the class with this darker colourway!

3 – Desséliandre (Trevenant)

The Shiny Desséliandre Pokémon

Desséliandre is far from the most popular Pokémon among trainers. And come to think of it, one can’t help but think that it might have been popular if its color design had been used for its original form.

In shiny, the Plant / Specter Pokémon changes season! Its bark turns whitish while its green foliage turns orange. On closer inspection, this dead tree look in autumn fits the Desséliandre type perfectly… probably better than its basic appearance.

2 – Amphinobi (Greninja)

The shiny Pokémon Amphinobi

Take a beloved Pokémon, repaint them black, and everyone will love it! This is the case of Amphinobi, which loses its colors to gain in class! With a red tongue even more resembling a scarf and pitch black skin, the frog looks even more like a ninja.

1 – Leviator (Gyarados)

The Shiny Leviator Pokémon

How to finish this ranking without the most famous shiny? For the vast majority of trainers who traveled through the first Pokémon games, Leviator was the first chromatic creature they encountered.

Indeed, fighting the terrifying “Red Leviator” of Anger Lake is an integral part of the storyline of Pokémon Silver and Gold. Thus, millions of players have encountered their first shiny on these versions, even before knowing what a Chromatic Pokémon.

Even today, shiny hunting is an activity that fascinates many trainers. Whether on Pokémon Go or classic games, there are several techniques to get your hands on these rare creatures. More than 20 years after their appearance, the shiny still fascinate as much, and we will never cease to be amazed by seeing this sparkle at the start of a fight!


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