Rainbow Six Siege Will Head To Xbox Game Pass This Week

Whether you are among those people who love to play popular games or you are among the ones that choose their own genre by playing different games, you will be happy to know about the addition of an amazing game to the Xbox Game Pass.

Yes, we are talking about the Rainbow Six Siege that is currently heading to the Xbox Game Pass this week. Microsoft, as you all know did manage to secure another huge game for its gaming subscription service that thousands of players are using. 

Ubisoft’s massively popular team-based shooter game, Rainbow Six Siege is all set currently to join the gaming subscription service from 22 October. Yes, it will be possible for the players to play the Rainbow Six Siege game from Thursday onwards.

All the users who are currently owning the Xbox Game Pass will be able to get their hands on the amazing and exciting game. You must know that the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account did manage to tease up the addition of the multiplayer shooting game during the weekend.

The official Twitter account Tweets with a clear image for the arrival of Rainbow Six Siege on its subscription service. The image will directly hint at the Rainbow Six Siege game as soon as you will see the medieval stage and a six-fold rainbow. 

As of today, the company makes it official with a post on the Xbox Wire. One thing that most players are happy to know about the arrival of the Rainbow Six Siege game is they will not have to wait for a long month to play it.

Within only three days of time, it will be possible for the interested player to play the game and that too without paying any additional cost. The game will bring fun, enjoyment, excitement, and thrill to all the players. 


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