Quentin Tarantino will soon draw a line on cinema

Stupor in the world of the seventh art! After having made a dozen small cinematographic gems, Quentin Tarantino will retire. At almost 60 years old, he should still make one last feature film.

Tarantino will end his career
(Capture d’écran Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO)

He had a busy filmmaking career. And is about to write his final point soon. Guest on the set of the show Real Time with Bill Maher, Quentin Tarantino had not come to talk about a film. But rather to shed light on his first freshly released novel, a novelization freely adapted from his feature film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood released two years ago.

Except that Bill Maher hastened to question him about the rest of his career behind the camera, asking him why he still intended to lay only a film before leaving. Visibly uncomfortable, the director stammers for a few moments, struggling to formulate his answer. Bill Maher then relaunched him by stressing that he was too young to quit. And to claim that he now perfectly mastered the ropes of the seventh art, suggesting that it will be very frustrating if it all ended there.

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Tarantino “gave everything”

But Tarantino seems determined to get it over with. He wants to end his career while it is still shining brightly. “I know the history of cinema and from now on [de cet âge], filmmakers don’t get any better ”. And to cite the example of Don Siegel, believing that the latter would have done better to finish his career after having made The Escape from Alcatraz. “But he then juggled with two other films which he obviously did not believe!” “, regrets the filmmaker.

“It’s a very long career. And I feel like I gave everything I had Tarantino adds of his own journey. In the future, he will still continue to draw the quill to write books. As a reminder, Tarantino made a name for himself by writing the screenplay for True Romance (a Bonnie and Clyde-style romantic thriller that we highly recommend). He then directed ten feature films like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill or even Django.


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