PS5: Top 8 video games not to be missed in August 2022!

In August many video games will be released on the PS5. We’ve selected our favorites for you. And there is something for everyone.

This summer video games are expected on the PS5. We give you the top 8 games to watch during the month of August. And there is a bit of everything in the lot. So, one thing is certain, there is something for everyone. We give you our selection.


The PS5 is a real success. The console has also exceeded recently a symbolic cape. In any case, a game is highly anticipated in August. This is Thymesia which comes out on the 9th. But what is the story? We are in a period of black plague.

The hero must therefore survive but can also to use the disease to contaminate his enemies. This is a soul-like that will appeal to many people.

Two point campus

This is not the first opus far from it. This is a saga. And fans will be delighted to see that the latter is back. This time, it is therefore necessary to manage a university trying to magnify it. The goal ? Make your students the best.

But that’s not all ! It’s necessary also generate profit. So be smart. The video game also releases on August 9.

Cult of the Lamb

A totally different style. Here you are a lamb saved from the slaughterhouse! Just that. You must then create your own sect and try to have as many followers as possible. At the same time, you will have to fight against your opponent. A totally crazy PS5 game!

Release date ? August 11.

PS5: Top 8 video games not to be missed in August 2022!
PS5: Top 8 video games not to be missed in August 2022!


There is so call of duty on PS5! Quite the contrary! Here we are in a totally different style. A 3D game where you make skating in arenas. The goal ? Be the best in this discipline and beat all your rivals!

Saints Row

Here, it is still a saga. And this is the fifth installment! It’s a bit like a GTA. You must create your Boss and then create your gang to become the most powerful of Saints. Once again, this is a burlesque adventure.

The game will be released here on August 23 for those interested!

F1 Manager 2022

In some months sortira God of War. In the meantime, take care! If you are an F1 fan, this PS5 game is going to be for you. Here you are heading of your own Formula 1 team. It is therefore a management game.

You need to run your business the best you can. But also the strategy during the races to become the most lucrative and attractive team! The game will be released on August 25.

Soul Hacker 2

This is the sequel to the first game of the same name. But the first opus was released 25 years ago! So this is a real PS5 surprise. This is a Japanese RPG and the goal is simply to save the world from the apocalypse.

A program that is therefore likely to be quite complex. In any case, for anime fans, this game could satisfy you. It will be released on August 26th!


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