PS5: Top 5 tips to find the Sony console before Christmas!

Only a few weeks to go before you get the PS5. MCE TV gives you a top 5 tips for finding the Sony console!

The PS5 remains a rare commodity. So to put the odds on your side, MCE TV has concocted a Top 5 for you unstoppable tips to get your hands on the Sony console. Follow the guide.

1. Go to the store

The first step to getting your hands on a Sony console is to go to the store. It may sound obvious, but this tip can pay off.

Indeed, as you know, PS5 consoles are rare to find. Thereby, specialty stores do not receive very little in the warehouses.

By going there, you will maximize your chances of get your hands on the holy grail. By asking a salesperson, you might be surprised to find one, so don’t miss the chance.

2. Follow what people say on Twitter

The social network Twitter can be a good indicator of what is being said about the Sony PS5 console. Some accounts do not hesitate to give tips in order to get their hands on a console.

It might sound obvious, but most stores that sell the PS5 make an announcement on Twitter when new stock goes live. That is valid for the whole world.

Thus, some accounts do not hesitate to say it and Internet users are the first to relay information. So don’t hesitate to follow the news on Twitter.

Amazon, Auchan, CDiscount… There are many sellers of the PS5 in France. And approaching the Black Friday, some could therefore receive consoles. Subscribe to these accounts.

PS5 Top 5 tips for finding the Sony console before Christmas!
PS5 Top 5 tips for finding the Sony console before Christmas!

3. Go to forums

In addition to social networks, forums can therefore be very useful to get your hands on a PS5. Reddit can therefore be your friend. By going there, you will find a plethora of information.

In France, the jeuxvideo forum can help you help get their hands on it. Just type the topic of the discussion in the search bar and you’re done.

4. Beware of scams

Beware of fakes… Indeed, on the Internet, there are many fake websites. Don’t fall for the traps and don’t buy anywhere.

Aware that the console is a rare commodity, some smart people do not hesitate not for sale fake consoles. This was the case on Amazon, so be careful.

Also look at the price. If a seller offers you a PS5, double the original price, it can be a fake, so run away. And be vigilant.

5. Set yourself alerts

To make sure you don’t miss a PS5 sale, create alerts for yourself. Subscribe to retailer newsletters. You will therefore be the first to know about a sale. And that you will save precious time.

Finding a PS5 is an obstacle course, so put the odds in your favor for the holiday season. Hoping you can put hands on said Sony console!


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