PS5: this Sony and Balenciaga t-shirt costs more than the console

While the PS5 is still with absent subscribers, Sony has partnered with Balenciaga to produce a range of clothing dedicated to the next-gen console. And it will cost astronomical sums to afford them.

Tee-shirt PS5

Some gamers have been fortunate enough to be able to purchase Sony’s next-gen console. The others must take their troubles patiently. Indeed, the PS5 is out of stock at all retailers. An absence linked in particular to a shortage of components which paralyzes the entire industry.

And the return to normal is not expected just yet, with the PS5 shortage even likely to last until 2022. Either way, Sony is looking to maximize profits by offering derivatives. To do this, the manufacturer is making common cause with Balenciaga, the famous luxury brand. A collaboration that resulted in the design of a range of clothing. Except that this one is intended for the more affluent consumerss. And for good reason, the products offered are more expensive… than the PlayStation 5 itself!

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A PS5 t-shirt more expensive… than the PS5

For the record, the PS5 costs 499 euros (399 euros for the 100% digital version). On their side, the two Sony / Balenciaga t-shirts are priced at 675 dollars, or just over 550 euros. Very sober, they are available in two colors – black and red. We find in particular the inscription PS5 and Balenciaga as well as the release date of the console. In addition, a hooded sweatshirt is also on sale. For information, it costs a trifle of 875 dollars which corresponds to approximately 718 euros.

By taking a tour of the Balenciaga site, it is clear that some customers have already warmed up their credit cards. Indeed, some sizes are no longer available. For example, only the XS and the S of the black version of the PS5 t-shirt remain. If this range of expensive clothing leaves you unmoved, know that Sony intends to significantly increase the production of PS5 from next summer.



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