PS5: the very large Dying Light 2 game on the Sony console?

The PlayStation Game Size Twitter account has just revealed the size of the Dying Light 2: Stay Human video game on PS5.

Bad luck for the video game Dying Light 2 : Stay Human. It seems that the latter is very bulky on the Sony console. Will this have a negative impact on the PS5? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The PS5 blew its first candle

On November 12, the PS5 celebrated a very important date. Indeed, the new gen console from Sony blew its very first candle. For the occasion, Jim Ryan therefore addressed a few words.

Thus, the director of the Japanese brand thanked the gamers through a press release: “Thanks to you, the launch of the PS5 was biggest console launch in history. »

This is what the businessman said. And the least we can say is that this one has something to be proud of. Indeed, the PS5 has indeed broken a record.

A few weeks ago, the Japanese company announced that it had exceeded 10 million machines sold. And this, all over the world. A success that did not fail to create a buzz.

« The time has passed so quickly since the first day gamers got their hands on our new console. I am sincerely honored and touched to celebrate this incredible first year with all of you. So much has happened in a year, since the day we lit up several landmarks and iconic places to mark the arrival of the PS5. “

Jim Ryan added before continuing: « Incredible games have emerged. (…) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, Returnal or Deathloop. (…) We have unveiled the next-gen virtual reality for the PS5. “

“This year has been busy. The PS5 is still in its infancy. The inventive creators and partner editors we work with have already produces over 360 games on PS5. »

And to finish: ” Besides, more than 25 games are currently in development for the PS5 within PlayStation Studios. »

Is the game Dying Light 2: Stay Human problematic?

Among the most anticipated video games on the PS5, Dying Light 2 : Stay Human makes a lot of talk about him. Indeed, the creation of Techland did not fail to win unanimous support among gamers. during his first teasing.

But while this new creation should land in early 2022, it looks like the file size might be a problem. Game Rant today unveiled certain elements.

On the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, we can find out that the game will be around 21.099 GB on PS5. And this, without taking into account the probable fix from day one.

So don’t panic! The file size is therefore not too large. Quite the contrary. Moreover, it would even seem that some players are worried about this rather low figure.

But there is no reason to worry. Indeed, the format of creations continues to change As things progress. It is therefore very likely that this one will be different when it is released. To be continued therefore… And very closely.


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