PS5 teardown video reveals why new model is lighter

New models of PS5 have appeared in some parts of the world. In addition to a new fixing screw, these have the particularity of being lighter. After taking the beast apart, YouTuber Austin Evans spotted the reason for the weight loss.

Here's why the new PS5 is lighter

The PS5 is still out of stock in France and elsewhere, Sony suffering from the shortage of semiconductors. But despite these industrial brakes, the manufacturer still managed to set up a new version of its living room console. As in Japan where a new version of its PS5 Digital Edition has emerged. Australia was entitled to a new iteration of the standard PS5. Certain regions of the United States also benefit from the new model.

Consoles which have the particularity of weighing 300 grams less than the initial models. In a teardown video, famous YouTuber Austin Evans was able to pinpoint the reason. In this case, Sony has changed the heat sink that cools the machine. And add a new one of a much smaller size. As a result, the temperature that dissipates at the back is about 3 to 5 degrees higher.

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PS5 News: Is Sony Looking To Lower Manufacturing Costs?

A more consistent temperature which should however not cause inconvenience, if the PS5 is placed in a place where the heat level remains below a certain limit. Also note a change in the central fan, which now has fewer aluminum dissipation fins. These moreover marry more curved shapes.

It remains to be seen why Sony made these changes. The videographer with more than 5 million subscribers believes that the manufacturer may have sought to reduce the production cost of the next-gen console. With nearly a year of operation, Sony was able to test the cooling capacity of the machine. And choose less expensive components accordingly. As a reminder, the PS5 became profitable eight months after its launch last November.


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