PS5 stock: where to buy the console in France?

The PS5 was officially launched in France on November 19, 2020. But as expected, the console was already out of stock in the hours that followed. In this article, we take stock of the availability of the PS5 at all authorized resellers.

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Update on the latest PS5 restocks:

May 7, 2021 : The PS5 was briefly back in stock at Micromania around 10am. No more console was available 15 minutes later.

26 mars 2021 : A drop of PS5 took place at Carrefour on March 26, 2021.

18 mars 2021 : 50,000 copies of PS5 were distributed on Amazon US on March 18, with the possibility of delivery in France.

10 mars 2021 : Carrefour organized a new drop on March 10 around noon. As usual, the stock evaporated very quickly.

8 mars 2021 : New drop at Super U.

Never has the suspense been so intense around the launch of a console. As announced last September, the PS5 was released in France on November 19, 2020. But the stock issues noted during pre-orders continue after release.

Sony had warned us that there would not be enough PS5 for everyone at launch. However, several merchants had announced that the console would be in stock in sufficient quantity on the day of release. Those who interpreted it as a chance to get their hands on a copy were quickly disappointed.

Buy a PS5: is it available in stock?

Officially, the PS5 has been available in France since November 19, 2020. From the day of launch, the console was already out of stock. Customers are now watching for back in stock announcements. Some lucky ones were able to buy the PS5 at Super U and Auchan on December 3, 2020.

Lucky, because not only had to be quick, but also to have a loyalty card at Super U. This is the way found by the brand to filter orders. Loyal customers have been privileged to the detriment of the rest, which has not failed to arouse the anger of Internet users. Noises from the hallway announced the return of the console to stock before Christmas. We continue to watch for new orders for you.

Currently, the PS5 is not available anywhere. The links below lead to the pages of the main Sony partner stores. The console is unavailable at all merchants. The shortage is expected to last for several months. And this, even if some shops are launching periodic restocks.

PS5 standard edition

PS5 Digital Edition

How to be alerted when the PS5 is available in stock?

Some sites have set up an alert system. You can choose to receive a notification as soon as the PS5 returns in stock, without fuss several hours before it goes online. Darty, Fnac and even Micromania all offer a stock alert. From one site to another, the registration process differs.

  • Fnac: go to the site by clicking on the Fnac link above. Next to the PS5 stock image, click on the arrow icon in the vertical menu (completely at the bottom). Follow the process to the end.
  • Darty: in the “Notify Me” section next to the illustration image, just below the “PRODUCT UNAVAILABLE“, Enter your email address in the text space then click OK.
  • Micromania: just click the big button Create an alert just below the price of the console.

PS5: a high-suspense launch

After years of speculation, the PlayStation 5 debuted on November 19, 2020 in France. The enthusiasm for the long-awaited launch quickly turned to despair. There isn’t enough for everyone and only the lucky ones got their hands on the console before Christmas.

The shortage has continued since and could extend until the end of 2021. And some specialists see it continuing until 2022. Your only chance of having the console is to watch out for periodic restocks at certain merchants such as Amazon, Carrefour, Super U or even Cdiscount. However, in March 2021, the PS5 had already sold more than 6 million copies worldwide.


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