PS5: Sony wants to sell customizable plates for its console?

Official customizable plates for your PS5? Sony, the daddy of the PlayStation, could soon sell some for his console …

The PS5 attracts many consumers in short. If the lucky ones can now hold it in their hands, some would like to personalize it. Sony could therefore sell its own plates. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A patent filed for Sony concerning the plates

You are aware that some amateurs have taken advantage of their services for gamers of all stripes. Thus, you can customize your PS5.

This, through plates, removable, that we can pimp at will. In short, we must not want to make a big mistake.

It is clear that plethora of artists offer their services in the matter. We were thus able to discover consoles all prettier than the others.

Earlier this year, we presented a many of these plaques, personalized. And the result is quite successful in short.

However, these plates are not officially sold by Sony. It is therefore individuals who offer their services in this direction.

However, the Japanese could also want to sell its own components. Especially sincea patent pointed out

In November of the year 2020, we had therefore discovered a patent that evoked these famous plates. These allow in particular to protect sony ps5.

These two white plates, sad to the taste of some players, could become a little more cheerful. This, if we personalize them.

These, easily detachable, can therefore leave the frame of the console to better clean it, for example … Which leaves room for customization.

So there is nothing incongruous about this that Sony wants to sell them as spare parts in a personalized way, exactly ! It would not displease gamers either.

Quite the contrary, since some are already having a great time to personalize theirs. Soon official PS5 pads ?

PS5: Sony ready to compete with independent manufacturers in the plate business?

The daddy of the PS5 would have a great interest in getting started, if he does not want the competition to steal this new market segment in short. It would therefore not be surprising.

For a few pennies – ten euros, maybe 20 at most for the cheaper versions – gamers can pride themselves on having new personalized plates.

Yes, the fashion for the PS5 is no longer snow white, far from it. Black, very fashionable, seems to catch the eye of players of all stripes.

We were able to find plates dedicated to The attack of the Titans, for example. Or honoring Vegetan and Son Goku, or the colors of the heroes of MHA.

For its part, Sony could offer official plaques honoring games present on his PS5. Like the big excluded, for example.

the possibilities are limitless, just like the actual customizations of amateur players. It remains to be seen what Sony will have to say from its side.

For their part, the manufacturers had to suffer the wrath of PlayStation, as soon as they tried to market unofficial brochures …

Which could, in short, be an additional clue that Sony also wants recover this successful business.


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