PS5: Sony responds to shortage by manufacturing more PS4s

Faced with the PS5 shortage that has lasted since the release of the next-gen console, Sony has decided to manufacture more PS4s. Its objective is indeed to keep as many players as possible within the PlayStation ecosystem.

The PS5 has been out since November 2020, but gamers are still struggling to find one. The next-gen console is out of stock is caused by the global shortage of components and the very high demand from gamers.

The PlayStation 5 and its controller
The PlayStation 5 and its controller – Credit: Triyansh Gill / Unsplash

The PS5 has already sold at more than 15.28 million copies against 9.84 million for the Xbox Series, which is the best-selling console in Microsoft’s history. Faced with the production of the PlayStation 5 which is not yet up to demand, Sony has taken an unexpected step. He decided to make more PS4s than expected.

The production of the PlayStation 4 should have already been stopped. Sony had to ” cease assembly at the end of 2021 Bloomberg reported. Nevertheless, the Japanese manufacturer will continue to make ps4 to overcome the lack of PS5 in the world.

Sources confirmed to Bloomberg that Sony to produce PS4s throughout 2022. About a million PlayStation 4 will be produced this year. However, the exact figure could be changed depending on the situation. The PS4 is easier to produce for Sony because “ it uses less advanced chips ».

In addition, Sony has decided to manufacture more PS4s in order to ” fill the supply gap and keep players within the PlayStation ecosystem “. For gamers who are waiting to get a PS5, the PS4 is an economical solution, especially since the games are backward compatible. Bloomberg also clarified that the production of PS4 allows Sony to negotiate more easily with its manufacturing partners.

Finally, Sony confirmed to Bloomberg that the PlayStation 4 will be manufactured throughout the year. However, he denied having planned to stop production of his console at the end of 2021. Anyway, we do not yet know when. PS5 stock will finally be sufficient to meet current demand.

Source : IGN


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