PS5: Sony finally unveils new gaming headsets and monitors!

Sony has just revealed the release date of its new gaming headsets dedicated to the PS5! They arrive with two gaming monitors.

To the delight of gamers, Sony is about to unveil three new models of gaming headsets for the PS5. Their release is scheduled for June 28, 2022. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Sony confirms the release of Inzone H headphones

In the day of Tuesday, June 21, 2022 on TwitterSony has therefore confirmed the arrival of new gaming headsets dedicated to the PS5.

The famous Sony Inzone H range will be released June 28, 2022 ! Unless the Japanese firm only plans to present it for an upcoming release.

In all cases, the successors to the Sony Pulse 3D should not take long to see the light of day. This confirms the information from Onleaks, the leaker having announced the news.

There are therefore three models, H3, H7 and H9. The first is presented as the entry level. Wired, it should therefore display a lower price than the other two.

He could also have a USB-C port, an LED and the noise reduction function. Not bad ! Unsurprisingly, the Inzone H7 also has all of this.

There are a few design differences, but the biggest is the lack of wires. The Inzone H9 is also a wireless headset. It has better features, but could be way more expensive than the other two versions.

All three helmets would offer 360 degree spatial sound and gaming-grade comfort. Once tested, PS5 players will not be able to do without it! MCE TV tells you more about the PS5.

The PS5 imposes itself on the market

Nothing seems to be able to stop Sony. The video game giant has a string of projects, but above all, very big successes! This year, he is not doing half measures.

As announced by its current president, the Japanese firm has a clear objective. She wishes expand its video game offering to the farthest horizons.

To do this, she joined forces with many development studios around the world. Of course, they mostly work on PS4 and PS5 exclusives.

Moreover, there is one in particular that the faithful of the brand are impatiently waiting for. You will no doubt have understood, it is God of War Ragnarok.

Rest assured, the new title of the famous saga should not take long to see the light of day. Its release date is starting to become clearer!

Sony is trying to impose itself with the creation of video games, but already appears as the console market leader.

The famous PS5 thus presents itself as the reference of the new generation. No other seems to be able to compete! Yes, Microsoft hit hard with its Xbox Series, but not enough to shake its Japanese competitor.

One thing is then certain, the Japanese company has not finished talking about it. How will she surprise her followers next time?


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