PS5: Sony allows you to test games for free before you buy them

Would you like to try a game on PS5 before you buy it? We have good news for you: Sony has just launched a new game demo system called Game Trials. The first games available are Death Stranding and Sackboy.

Sony PS5 Game Trials
© Sony

Sony has just rolled out a new feature on PlayStation 5 called Game Trials. This novelty makes it possible to download free trial versions specific PlayStation Studio games available on the PS Store. If this offer only allows for the moment to download the demos of two exclusive games, the prerequisites will make some players pale … Explanations.

Game Trials, a PS5 game demo system packed with weird prerequisites

It seems a long time ago when it was possible to buy a video game magazine containing a CD with some demos of the latest games. If they have sadly gradually disappeared from the video game landscape, the demos seem to mark their comeback on PS5. In certain regions. And under certain conditions.

Until October 28, some users can download Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure on the PlayStation Store to try them out for free. The first is playable for 6 hours at most, the second during 5 hours in total. So far, nothing abnormal. After all, on Steam it is possible to get a refund for a game before it reaches 2 hours of usage.

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The problem is that each game offers a very specific time period linked to the trial, download included. Yes, you read that right. The countdown starts not when the game is launched, but when the “Download” button is clicked.

But why did Sony decide to lock downloads behind a timer? It is beyond us. The Japanese firm also recorded the game trials at only one download per account. So after you download the game and play it even for an hour, you won’t be able to download it anymore.

These PS5 game trials are also not available until October 29 and a priori, that in the United Kingdom for the moment. So we don’t know whether or not Sony plans to make this a permanent option in the future.



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