PS5 Pro: its release date is emerging

While the PS5 is selling like hot cakes, Sony is already anticipating the arrival of its pro version. Quoting a source close to the manufacturer, a specialist in new technologies has just revealed an exit window and a price for the PS5 Pro. We take stock.

PS5 © Sony

Sony can cut the champagne. The manufacturer has just exceeded the bar of 10 million PS5 sold in the world. And it still has a lot of leeway, the supply still not matching the demand. This does not prevent the manufacturer from finally succeeding in making profits, the PS5 having already become profitable eight months after its launch, according to the financial director Hiroki Totoki.

However, PS5’s stockouts aren’t about to end due to the semiconductor shortage. Once this long and thorny problem is resolved, Sony will probably be able to focus on the release of the premium version of its next-gen console, namely the PS5 Pro. At least that’s what expert Tom N / A, who is rampant on YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead, claims.

PS5 Pro: towards a much more sophisticated console?

In a podcast, he reveals that she is due out in two years. According to his information, based on a source close to the manufacturer, the PS5 Pro would land in 2024, or even at the end of 2023. What is more, he adds that the technical leap will be much more substantial than the one made at the time between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. For the record, the first cited was released in 2013, followed three years later by the PlayStation 4 Pro. It would thus be likely that Sony will make us wait another three years before presenting a pro version of its latest machine.

As for its price, the PS5 Pro could cost more than 600 dollars, advances the insider. That’s at least $ 100 more than the initial PS5. While waiting for more information on this subject, remember that Sony recently launched a new version of its PS5 Digital Edition. Lighter, it weighs 300 grams less than the first edition of the console.



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