PS5: additional SSD, 3D audio… Sony is rolling out a big update

This Wednesday, July 15, owners of a PS5 have the right to a notable software update. Among all the new features, we note in particular that it is now possible to integrate an additional SSD in order to increase the storage capacity of the console. What’s more, 3D Audio can now be found on your TV. We detail the main new features below.

PS5, image Unsplash

After unveiling lighter versions of its PS5, Sony is determined to significantly improve the user experience. The manufacturer has just rolled out a big update that includes several new features that the community is eagerly awaiting. As it happens, players will now be able to expand their storage capacity by installing an M.2 SSD like the FireCuda 530 SSD signed Seagate.

A warmly welcomed alternative, the PS5 only benefiting from 664 GB of free space on its SSD. Beforehand, we strongly advise you to consult this support page which details the compatible M.2 SSDs and how to install them. Furthermore, 3D audio support on your TV speakers is now in the game. You will thus be able to benefit from a “Three-dimensional sound, reinforcing the feeling of immersion”, emphasizes Sony. Until now, 3D sound was only compatible with headphones (via USB or mini-jack).

PS5 update: Sony optimizes its system

What’s more, it is possible to change the layout of the control center controls. But also to write or read messages through the latter. The Game Base section allows you to easily access your friends’ statuses, messages or friend requests.

Additionally, the game library is now more readable, with the PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game appearing differently. Also new, PlayStation Now subscribers can choose between 720p or 1080p for game streaming. And they can run a test to identify possible problems with their connection.

Regarding the Remote Play, know that it is now possible to make it work thanks to the mobile data. Which is handy if you don’t have a Wi-Fi network nearby. In addition, the video clips of the records you make are now automatically saved.

Another innovation: after an online game, you can now award another player a new reward called “Leader”. Regarding Parties, it is no longer necessary to delete each member one by one to close a group. Which can now close much faster.

Sony takes stock of all the new features in this video (subtitled in French). Look :



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