PS5: a YouTuber creates an adapter to play with one hand!

A famous YouTuber has just created a controller that will make people happy for PS5 owners who can only play it with one hand.

Our colleagues from Phoneandroid are not mistaken. Microsoft has a lot of head start in terms of gadgets for players with reduced mobility. Sony must catch up, and this even more since the arrival of the PS5. Fortunately, a YouTuber has just given them the perfect idea to play with one hand.

An adaptive controller

Because yes, some do not think about it when they play with both hands. But there are a lot of video game fans who just can’t ‘have fun’ like everyone else. by their handicap. And among these people, those who can only play with one hand.

If you rival Sony has already worked to help these players, the Japanese firm still has a lot of work to do. Moreover, no adaptive controller has not made its appearance since the release of the PS5. And maybe we should look into the subject.

Fortunately, as our colleagues note, many games offer accessibility options. Especially for people with reduced mobility. This turns out for example the case for The Last of Us 2. But this is not enough.

A Youtubeur therefore had to look into the subject. And is embarking on the concept of a controller that can meet the expectations of video game fans, with a disability. And as you will be able to see, the project in question is proving to be more than interesting.

Especially since it is a special controller for the PS5. Which does not yet exist at the time of this writing. But how Did the “engineer” manage to create his object ? How did he do it?

So many questions that you ask yourself and which we will answer in the rest of this article. You just need to go a few lines below to find out more about it. We are now crossing our fingers that Sony validates the idea.

PS5: a YouTuber creates an adapter to play with one hand!
PS5: a YouTuber creates an adapter to play with one hand!

The PS5 and its adaptive controller

It is Akaki Kuumeri who had the great idea. As is known Phoneandroid, this is a Youtuber who really likes to create things. This therefore goes through the DualSense project, reserved for people with reduced mobility.

To carry out his “controller”, the Internet user needed a 3D printer. This allows him to make his PS5 controller for people who can only play with one hand. We invite you to take a look at the photo above.

To see what the pad in question might look like. “With this accessory, the player is able to access all of the controller commands ». Let the media know. But how can we use it?

Once again, our colleagues specify that the joystick must be placed on a hard, flat surface to make the most of this tool. You can there find a snap-on adapter. This is going to be of great help for PS5 players using one hand.

Since it will allow you move your joystick and the rest of the keys via a system of balance which goes from bottom to top, and from left to right. A very nice idea which should greatly help disabled players.


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