PS5: a new model will land in 2022

According to information from DigTimes, Sony is working on a new model of PlayStation 5. However, it should not be expected that its design will change. It is indeed under the hood that there will be change.

La PlayStation 5

Over six million PS5s have already been sold despite the messed up shortages. Still, many players are still feverishly waiting to be able to get one. The famous Sony console is still unobtainable at retailers. An absence which can be explained by the shortage of components which affects all manufacturers. And it is obviously not ready to stop.

According to Bloomberg, the out-of-stock PS5 should continue until the end of 2021. To try to revive the machine, Sony is seriously considering modifying the bowels of its next-gen console. It is in all that advances DigiTimes, citing sources close to the production units. Concretely, the manufacturer would replace in particular the processor of the PS5. Currently, it is equipped with an AMD CPU engraved in 7 nm. The new model could benefit from a processor with a finer engraving (6 nm).

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PS5: towards the use of a new AMD processor?

The latter could offer better performance while allowing the console to produce less heat. Obviously, we will have to wait a while to obtain confirmation (or not) of this information. However, this does not seem far-fetched from the statements of Sony’s CFO, Hiroki Totoki. Which had already mentioned the possibility of changing the design of the machine to solve the shortage of semiconductors.

Still according to DigiTimes, the production of this PS5 with a new processor could start between the second and third quarters of 2022. However, no information evoking an evolution of its design has reached our ears. A priori, we should therefore not hope for the arrival of a PlayStation 5 Pro or Slim next year. While waiting to learn more, you can always take a look at our article where we take stock of the availability of the PS5 in our regions.



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