PS4: underground mining farm in Ukraine was actually used to mine FIFA 21 Coins

Last week, an underground farm of 3,800 PlayStation 4s, 500 graphics cards and 50 processors was dismantled in Ukraine. If the local press described it as a traditional cryptocurrency mining farm, it was actually intended to mine virtual in-game currency. FIFA 21.

Ukraine FIFA 21 mining farm
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The huge mining farm dismantled in Ukraine a few days ago was actually intended to mine credits from FIFA 21, the virtual currency of the game. This farm consisted of nearly 3,800 PlayStation 4, 500 graphics cards and 50 processors. Information confirmed today by sources close to the local Ukrainian daily Work.

A PS4 farm intended to mine FIFA 21 Coins

You probably won’t have missed it. Last week, a gigantic mining farm was dismantled in Ukraine. A completely illegal installation, which stole electricity from the city of Vinnytsia, located 200 kilometers from Kiev.

At the time, the Ukrainian Secret Service (SSU) and the local press reported that it was only a “traditional” crypto mining farm, the only difference being that miners mostly used PS4s for go about their business, and not entire racks of RTX 3080s.

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A detail that could be puzzling given that the PS4 does not have a particularly high bandwidth and that she is not specifically profitable for this activity. This is why mining farms are generally not made up of the old Sony console, although some have managed to mine BTC with a GameBoy.

Sources eventually told Work that the warehouse was used as a farm to obtain and sell FIFA Ultimate Team cards, an online game mode that offers to buy cards with virtual currency. The PS4 consoles would automatically play the game in order to obtain these credits, on a loop. The accumulated credits and even the gambling accounts were then sold on the market for cash, real this time.

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