PS4: fiercely opposed to crossplay, Sony makes game publishers pay

According to documents unveiled during the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit, Sony has done everything to refuse crossplay. Before finally selling in 2018. The firm Japanese then opened the crossplay, for a fee.

The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games over the removal of Fortnite from the App Store is now open. The two parties have thus provided a myriad of documents, some of which relate exclusively to Sony. As reported by The Verge, we learn that the Japanese manufacturer was particularly resistant to the idea of ​​authorizing crossplay. Which allows players from multiple platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, PC…) to participate in the same game online.

After long resistance, Sony finally opened the PS4 to crossplay in 2018 with Fortnite. Before that, Epic Games had begged the Japanese firm to activate it. To try to convince her, the American studio had notably proposed to make a joint announcement of crossplay so that Sony “Passes for a hero” at E3.

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Sony allows crossplay … but demands compensation

He had also tried to coax her with skins intended exclusively “To PS Plus subscribers, to sweeten the deal”, In the words of Joe Kreiner, vice president of business development at Epic Games. Or by promising to launch a VR game for the arrival of PS VR2. In vain.

Ultimately, Sony ended up authorizing crossplay while still imposing its conditions. Another document thus reveals that the firm has set up a royalty system intended for studios wishing to offer the multiplatform. In other words, Sony demands financial compensation when a PS4 player performs microtransactions on other platforms exceeding a certain percentage.

The objective being to “Compensate for the reduction in income” from Sony resulting from crossplay. “If someone plays mainly on PlayStation, but pays on iPhone, it could trigger compensation”, details Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic Games. And to confirm that his company had indeed agreed to pay these additional costs. The leader finally adds that “Sony is the only platform to ask for this compensation for crossplay”.



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