Prime Video: the film “Haters” with Kev Adams keeps its promises!

“Haters” is released today on the Prime Video platform. But is it worth watching? Here is our opinion on the film with Kev Adams!

The film “Haters”, starring Kev Adams, is released today on Prime Video. What to spend a good evening in front of the TV, with friends, family or couple ! MCE TV tells you more.

What is “Haters”, the new Prime Video movie, about?

The synopsis of this new Prime Video film is quite simple. The director, Romuald Boulanger, was inspired bya news item dating back to October 31, 2013.

You must have heard of it. Five Bordelais had stolen a llama named Serge, at the Franco-Italian Circus, coming out of a nightclub.

They had taken him stroll through the streets of their city as well as in public transport. This story turned out to be so surprising that it made headlines.

In “Haters” on Prime Video, Kev Adams plays a young man who became a YouTuber after stealing this famous animal. During the film, he will questioning the relationship to celebrity and its followers.

Indeed, after having created a bad buzz with his “1 million” video, Kev Adams (alias Thomas Le Lama in the film) is going to meet his “Haters” who are constantly tear it down through their comments on his YouTube channel. And as much to say that the list is long!

So you guessed it, the young man will meet many people, each more surprising than the other. But is this scenario enough to make it a “good” film? MCE TV tells you more!


A movie to watch

Before you head over to Prime Video and watch ‘Haters’, it’s worth take an interest in the conditions of production. During a recent interview with our colleagues from BFMTV, Kev Adams insisted on the fact that the film was made “to tears”. Indeed, it was written and shot very quickly.

“A platform film must be made with the intelligence to tell itself that people can pause to get chips or go pee at any time. I will not make a great thriller like Inception on a platform! “, he added.

Once we know this information, we know that we are not going to witness a masterpiece. But it’s no big deal. It happens to everyone to want to watch a movie, just to pass the time, with an ending that is too predictable! And in this point, “Haters” on Prime Video delivers on its promise.

But is there not all the same something deeper in this film? To tell you the truth, while watching “Haters”, we had the impression that Kev Adams described his own journey. The latter gave way to a kind of introspection!

You are not unaware that the actor is both loved and hated by the public. Likewise, it has already faced some bad buzz. We can cite his show with Gad Elmaleh, for which he was accused of racism towards the Chinese.

What we have to remember after watching “Haters” on Prime Video is that Kev Adams has grown up. In particular, he learned to no longer give importance to “Haters”.

A casting not exploited enough

Beyond Kev Adams, the rest of the cast also caught our attention. Indeed, the director Romuald Boulanger offered himself big names in cinema (and much more) for his film “Haters” on Prime Video.

Thus, we are pleased to find Franck Dubosc, Audrey Fleurot, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rayane Bensetti. But also Elie Semoun, Sara Forestier or William Baldwin. Everyone has the right to their own stage, with their own humor!

In contrast, the disappointment was great when Olivier Giroud appeared. Of course, we tell ourselves that Romuald Boulanger has gone all out. However, the sequence is uninteresting.

Soccer player admits to posting bad comments to let off steam before a game. And it goes no further. No laughter. No lessons to be learned. Romuald Boulanger should make the most of his new recruits.

If the character of Kua (played by Estéban) is very awkward, with a voice very much like Homer’s in the Simpsons, it has at least the merit of making us smile at times.

However, we advise you to form your own opinion by viewing the film yourself. If you are a student, you should also know that an Amazon Prime Video Student offer gives access to 90 days free to all young people. Then to an annual reduction of almost 50%! It would be a shame to miss it!


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