Prime Video announces the release of a biographical series on Maradona!

Good news for football fans! Amazon Prime Video has just announced the release date of its original series on Maradona.

This is what will delight football fans! Prime Video has finally announced the release date of Maradona: The Blessed Dream. A series devoted to the football legend. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A date for “Maradona: The Blessed Dream”

The news had delighted football fans! In 2019, Prime Video announced the preparation of an original series on a football legend, Maradona.

After several years of filming, Netflix’s rival then aired the official teaser of the series, last April. What to raise the pressure! However, fans were only waiting for one thing: the release date.

So here they are! And for good reason, Prime Video has just unveiled this famous broadcast date. The series on Maradona will be like this available from October 29, 2021. Excluded on the platform and in more than 240 countries around the world. Just that !

As a reminder, this series will retrace the life of the Argentine player. From his childhood until his coronation at the 1986 World Cup, fans will relive the route of El Pibe de Oro.

For its series, Prime Video has put the small dishes in the big! Indeed, creation can count on a prestigious casting. Eh yes !

Players Juan Palomino (Magnifica 70) et Nicolas Goldschmidt (Supermax) will thus embody Maradona. Fans will also find Julieta Cardinali (En Terapia, Valentin), Laura Esquivel (Patito Feo), Mercedes Morán (Travel diaries, El Reino), Pepe Monje (Amor en Custodia) and finally Peter Lanzani (El Clan, El Reino). In short, beautiful people!

Touring in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Uruguay and Mexico, the Prime Video series will consist of 10 episodes of one hour each. Each of these episodes will retrace a key moment in Maradona’s life and career. The dream !

Prime Video announces the release of a biographical series on Maradona!
Prime Video announces the release of a biographical series on Maradona!

Prime Video bets on sport

With this series on Maradona, Prime Video is once again focusing on sports and football. One way to attract more and more fans!

Fans know it: This isn’t the first time Prime Video has dived into the world of sport and football. Very far from it!

Indeed, the streaming giant has opened the scoring in this universe for years. He had thus proposed docs on PSG and Raphael Varane !

In the same genre, Prime Video will release in 2022 an original doc series on Paul Pogba, titled The Pogmentary. To the delight of the fans!

More than series, the American giant also relies on live sport. After Roland-Garros, he indeed recovered the rights of the majority of Ligue 1 matches. And this for 3 years!

In short, as much to say that Prime Video is more passionate than ever for the round ball. It is also for him compete with Netflix, who is also interested in this universe.

Indeed, Netflix had already produced content on Maradona and Pelé. Eh yes ! The midfield battle rages on.