Presidential: how does “Elyze” the Tinder of politics work?

As the Presidential election approaches, students have devised an app (entitled Elyze) to help young people choose their candidate.

The Elyze application would aim tohelp young people understand politics and reduce abstention during the Presidential. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Elyze wants to save the Presidential

As soon as you launch Elyze, a window appears. Some personal information is to be filled in, such as date of birth or postal code. But do not panic. It is entirely possible to skip this step.

Then appears a page with the same configuration as that of the dating site: Tinder. The colors, the square in the center, the buttons… Everything is there!

However, there is no question of swiping to the right or to the left, in order to match with a potential conquest. On the other hand, proposals are displayed in the middle of the screen.

“Stop wind power installations”, one can read. Or: “Introduce the right to vote at 16″. But also : ” Raise the retirement age to 60 and reduce working time to 32 hours per week” (see photo below).

As you will have understood, these are the various subjects debated by the presidential candidates. It also affects the environment as well as the economy, internationally, health, education or culture.

It is up to the user to choose whether or not he agrees with the sentence spoken. It is entirely possible to answer “I don’t know” or toget more information by clicking on “Learn more”. Very cool !

After fifty questions and answers, Elyze gives the user the podium of the three presidential candidates likely to share the same ideas as him.

But as if that weren’t enough, the app also delivers funny anecdotes (or not). Whether on Macron, Pécresse, Jadot or the others.

Presidential: how does
Source Photo : Webrema

Young people are mixed

It is the young people who are covered by the Elyze app. Indeed, many of them know nothing about politics and desert the polling stations. “We know that our generation sometimes loses interest in these issues. We wanted to create a tool that speaks to him differently than political speeches. », confirmed one of the students who worked on this project and who intends to save the Presidential.

But let’s see what the main stakeholders think. For it, nothing better than a quick tour of Twitter. Thus, we find relatively positive comments.

“I find it very important and more convenient than reading each program of each candidate. », « I find the initiative brilliant! », « A really nice application to encourage young people (and not only) to vote… Try it, it’s very well done! », can we read.

However, others hate Elyze. They advise against using it to make a choice for the Presidential. “I just tested Elyze! It’s a total scam… after 50 questions, including the repeal of the labor law, retirement at 60, the minimum wage at €2,000… I’m supposed to vote Macron!!! Inadmissible. Quickly ban it. », launched a very angry Internet user.

“I have more proposals in common with Jean-Luc Melenchon but the app only displays him in 2nd position… It’s called manipulation. Is this normal in an election campaign? », outbid a second.

“This app is a decoy to capture your data and help the macronists!!! No need for an app to know who I’m going to vote for!! », can we also read. Well say so!

The students, on the initiative of this project, were however clear. The Elyze app is neutral. Furthermore, data is not used. In any case, not for the moment. And you what do you think ? Your keyboards !


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