presentation of the AR/VR headset in January 2023?

Apple has been developing an AR/VR product for years. Although the Cupertino company has not yet really mentioned its plans, acquisitions and patents, as well as some leaks, have already provided an idea of ​​the product on which it is working.

But unfortunately, it’s increasingly likely that Apple’s AR/VR headset won’t be released this year. Previously, sources suggested that this product could be unveiled either in late 2022 or in 2023. But according to a series of tweets published by analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Apple is expected to lift the veil on its headphones in January during an event.

Presentation in January, then marketing in the second quarter?

Developer kits would be delivered 2-4 weeks after this presentation. And pre-orders would be open in the second quarter of 2023. As for marketing, this would begin before the WWDC 2023 conference (normally in June).

As usual, this information is still to be considered with great caution. But what seems clear is that Apple has made significant progress, and we are getting closer and closer to its release of the product.

Recently, moreover, the boss of the firm, Tim Cook, dropped a clue, declaring during an interview that we will see what Apple has “to offer” in the field of augmented reality.

For his part, analyst Kuo again insisted in a blog post that Apple’s AR / VR product should be formalized in January.

“Meta’s reduced investment in VR hardware will benefit other VR headset brands as the VR industry continues to grow. In addition, the vast potential demand in the Chinese market and Apple AR/MR, which will probably be released in January 2023, will also promote the continued rapid growth of the headset industry.we read in a market analysis that he published on the Medium platform.

Apple set to dabble in AR/VR as Meta faces financial woes

In this analysis, Kuo explains that Meta, for its part, would slow down its investments in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality because of the recession.

“But it should be noted that the reduction in orders for Meta VR headsets is also due to the risk of recession caused by structural challenges in its core business, advertising and the social platform”adds the analyst, who recalls that the problems currently facing Meta are partly due to Apple’s decision to crack down on ad tracking on the iPhone.

According to his observations, moreover, Meta sells its virtual reality headsets at a loss and would take advantage of this advantage in terms of price to gain market share. « […] but this strategy is unsustainable in the context of the risk of core business recession”, explains Kuo. Thus, the situation could benefit Meta’s competitors in AR/VR, as Apple prepares to enter the market.

Note however that recently, Meta has decided to show its muscles, by presenting prototypes intended for research and which use technologies which could land on future helmets within a few years.


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