Portal: the film is “finally on track” according to JJ Abrams

According to our colleagues fromIGN, the film Portal from the eponymous video game series is finally in the works. While JJ Abrams hasn’t shared much information about him, the script is being written. The Warner Bros. would also be ” excited about the direction the film is taking ».

Portal the movies
Image from Portal: No Escape by Dan Trachtenberg

You may not have known it yet, but a movie Portal is in the boxes at Warner Bros. The film was originally talked about in 2013, when director JJ Abrams and Valve founder Gabe Newell got together on stage at the DICE Summit. At the time, Abrams told Polygon that the project was ” as real as anything that happens in Hollywood “. A sentence that takes on its full meaning today since this declaration dates from eight years ago.

Portal film “finally on track” according to JJ Abrams

If the information given on the film Portal by JJ Abrams are far from prolific, so we now know that the film Portal is indeed in production. At least that the writing of the script has started. However, we do not know anything about him. We don’t know which of the two games it will focus on (or both). We don’t know the cast either, let alone whether Ellen McLain will be doing the dubbing for GLaDOS or not.

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You must know that Portal isn’t Valve’s only video game focus. Indeed, a film from the franchise Half-Life would also be in the boxes since 2017 – see even 2016. On the other hand and addressing IGN, Abrams mentioned that his production company, Bad Robot, was not actively involved in the ” truc Half-Life ” for the time being.

Like video games, movies too can suffer from developmental hell. For example, the movie army of the dead by Zach Snyder, just released on Netflix on May 21, was announced in 2007.



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