Ponce captures a Shiny on Pokémon and takes revenge

Following long hours of research, streamer Ponce was finally able to meet the famous Ponyta Shiny that he had missed 3 years earlier.

With the release of the new Pokémon Sparkling Diamond & Sparkling Pearl RPG games, it’s time for many players to go hunting for Shiny again after completing the game’s main story which will only take you a few hours if you’re used to it. to play these types of games.

This is the case with many streamers who spend hours live provoking encounters only to finally get a Pokémon of a different color than it might normally have.

The shiny Ponyta Pokémon
The Pokémon Company

On the left, here is a normal Ponyta. And on the right, a Ponta Shiny which is blue in color.

We have already followed some of Jeel’s adventures with his Shiny Pokémon and who has already captured Palkia in the Scintillating Pearl version as well as Créfadet more recently. But Ponce is also a streamer fond of the Shiny versions, he has also spent time in recent days on obtaining a Ponyta Shiny that he had missed more than 3 years ago.

In this clip from December 2018, we can see that the streamer is not looking at the game screen at all while he is focused on his stopwatch at the bottom right of the stream. Except that during this time when he sets his “beautiful stopwatch”, all his spectators see a Ponyta Shiny, which can be distinguished with its blue, at the top of the screen, before it disappears when Ponce is really dead. back in the game. Even if he tries to catch up with him after seeing the messages of his viewers in the chat, impossible to get his hands on it, he had already disappeared.

And this January 6, 2022, more than 3 years after this sad event, he was finally able to find a Ponyta Shiny but this time on Pokémon Sparkling Diamond & Sparkling Pearl.

As he said in his tweet, his revenge is taken. He will no doubt continue to hunt Shiny Pokémon in the future on his Twitch channel, so please follow him!


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