Pokémon Unite Patch 1.2: Mobile version, buffs, nerves, etc.

Pokémon Unite returns with version 1.2 of the game which should completely shake up the meta. This patch 1.2 also announces the release of the mobile version, the Season battlepass and many other changes.

TiMi Studios continues to feed Pokémon Unite content with a patch that should change MOBA drastically.

It not only includes Pokémon buffs and nerfs, but also the mobile version as well as the cross-play with the Nintendo Switch, a complete overhaul of the menus and the icing on the cake, a French translation of the game, it was about time. !

Pokémon Unite patch 1.2 release date

the patch 1.2 de Pokémon Unite is available since Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Pokémon Unite patch 1.2 content

TiMi Studios / The Pokémon Compagny

A little more patience, Nymphali and Mammochon are coming soon to Pokémon Unite

  • Combat Pass: With the update, players are entitled to a brand new Battle Pass with plenty of unlockable rewards.
  • Missions : New in-game missions are available.
  • Pokémon : Two new Pokémon already announced and discovered by players have indeed been added to the game files: Nymphali and Mammochon. It remains to be seen when they will be available in Pokémon Unite.
  • Holowear: New Pokémon will receive skins, Tortank, Charizard and Carchacrok and many more.
  • Menu : After the many criticisms concerning the menus of Pokémon Unite, TiMi Studios offers a complete overhaul of the menus, clearer and above all much more fluid.

Pokémon Unite patch 1.2 buffs and nerfs

A number of Pokémon have seen their skills rebalanced during this important patch 1.2, here is a detailed rundown of all the changes.


  • Firefist: Can now burn a target if the attack hits multiple opponents.
  • Flamethrower: The ability now increases movement speed.
  • Blast: Cooldown reduction: 8 → 6.5 seconds.
  • Brutal Landing: Increases damage dealt by Basic Attacks and restores HP. However, its cooldown has been increased.


  • Night section: The range has been reduced.
  • Low-blow: Cooldown reduced from 7 seconds to 6 seconds and crowd control duration increased.


  • Basic attack: His attack has been revised upwards.
  • Vol: Cooldown has been reduced from 11 seconds to 9 seconds. Flambusard moves faster when in the air.
  • Vol Incandescent: Its loading was facilitated.


  • Giga-Leech: Damage reduction has been increased after its use.
  • Dance Flowers: The ability increases damage dealt and the duration of the movement speed bonus. Its cooldown has been reduced from 11 seconds to 9 seconds.


TiMi Studios / The Pokémon Compagny

A little shunned by the players, Carchacrok should come back in force

  • Defense : Its base defense is increased.
  • Spé. Defense: Its base special defense is increased.
  • Hard skin: Balancing the activation delay.


  • Spé. Attack: Reduced base special attack.
  • Overwrite’Face: Nerve damage.
  • Magic Shard: Nerve damage.
  • Lullaby: Fixed the bug that caused the target to remain asleep even when hit by an attack.
  • Pretty smile: Activation time has been reduced.


  • PV: Reduced base health
  • Attack: Basic attack reduced
  • Fog: Bugfix
  • Cloning: Bugfix
  • Sheauriken: Bugfix
  • Torrent: Damage reduction
  • Giant Sheauriken: Its load has been reduced


  • Tranche: Its damage has been increased, however the range of the second attack is reduced.
  • Crazy Lightning: Cooldown reduced from 11 seconds to 8.5 seconds, damage received while using reduced
  • Sparks: Number of Mad Lightning attempts increased but attack interval increased.


  • Attack: Significantly increased damage
  • Surf: Reduced damage
  • Diving: Activation time has been reduced
  • Barrage: Damage reduction


  • Poing Boost: Damage reduction
  • Close Combat: Damage and number of hits increased. Fixed a bug preventing benefiting from the damage bonus.

Alola strip

  • Blizzard: Fixed a bug on attacks
  • Nova Glacée: Fixed a bug that prevented Frozen Pokémon from receiving more damage.


  • Burning Balloon: Damage increased and its cooldown reduced from 7 to 5 seconds.
  • Nitrocharge: Reduced cooldown from 6 to 5 seconds
  • Flaming Shot: Bugfix.
  • Brazier: Bugfix.


  • Shield +: Increases the number of stored shields.
  • Permugarde: Fixed a bug that did not reverse stats correctly.


  • Photomixeur: The area of ​​effect has been increased
  • Cotogarde: The bug related to restored health has been fixed.

Pokémon Unite bug fixes

Several Pokémon have also seen many of their bugs be fixed:


  • Fixed a bug regarding the damage inflicted by its basic attack


  • Fixed the bug around Yawn that left a target asleep even while taking damage


  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from dodging normally with Lechouille


  • Fixed a bug with the key of his basic attack


  • Fixed a bug in his Basic Attack that reduced an enemy’s Special Defense as well as their Basic Attacks
  • Fixed a bug regarding the range of Surf


  • Fixed a bug on the Heroic Strikes ability


  • Fixed several bugs around Quick Turn, enemy movement speed is no longer reduced and it is now not possible to use Hydrocannon or Giclédo while rotating.

Here is the full patch for version 1.2 of Pokémon Unite which promises a lot of in-game changes in addition to the mobile version. It now remains to be seen to what extent this will impact the Tier List of the game. There is no doubt that it should be turned upside down in the days to come.


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