Pokemon Journeys Reveal Ash’s First Galarian Legendary Battle

Pokemon Journeys: The Series, as you all know did officially kick off a new arc that will be totally based on one of the most exciting and amazing games, Pokemon Sword and Shield.

You must know that the latest and new episode of the franchise is all about Ash Ketchum who will be taking on his Galarian Legendary Pokemon. 

There are so many people who like that the newest episode of the series will be taking on its inspiration from the Darkest Day storyline. Yes, the storyline will be totally based on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Games.

Meanwhile, it will be possible for anime to prepare for an extended arc that will be leading to several unexpected battles. It is sure that the latest episode of the series is teasing fans that there will be so many battles to enjoy.

All the fans and players will be able to watch Ash Ketchum as he will be taking on Zacian in the middle of a strange fog. 

You must know that the 42nd episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series will begin with the Darkest Day arc. It is the time when Chariman Rose’s machine will start to move away. It will be possible for Dynamic Energy to be sent across the land soon in the series.

You must know that Ash Ketchum and Goh did decide to go back to Galar and begin the investigation. Along the way, they have to deal with the situation where their train is stopped due to thick fog in which two Legendaries can be residing inside.

The thick fog will definitely be familiar to all the players who have been familiar with the Pokemon Sword and Shield game. One thing is sure that the fans as well as viewers are going to enjoy the latest episode of the franchise with a lot of excitement. 


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