Pokemon Journeys Releases New “Sword and Shield” Episode Synopsis

There are so many fans and followers who have been watching this amazing and adventurous anime franchise series for years now.

It is sure that they are happy as well as excited to know that Pokemon Journeys: The Series did manage to officially begin a new arc that is based on the Pokemon Sword and Shield game storyline.

The newest episodes of the series are indeed making sure that the viewers will feel like there is more to come in the upcoming future episodes. 

It was earlier this summer when the series creators did announce Pokemon Journeys. Since then the series has been becoming one of the most popular among the fans and viewers. You must know that the synopsis for the next episode of Pokemon Journeys will be teasing the next phase of the major arc that the series will be serving you.

Pokemon Journeys did manage to start an all-new arc that is based on the Darkest Day storyline that happens to be from the original Pokemon Sword and Shield game. You should know that the new arc is going to bring you all things that you may not even have imagined.

The major arc of the series leads Ash and Goh back to Galar in order to investigate the strange things that are ongoing in the new region. While the next episode is all about both of them getting closer to the mystery to unravel it.

It is sure that all the fans and viewers of the Pokemon Journeys series are waiting to watch the 43rd episode “Sword and Shield II: Darkest Day”. The synopsis for the next episode begins with, “Pokemon that have grown gigantic are running wild?! [Ash and Goh] set off to investigate an incident that has taken place in the Galar region.” 

The synopsis also adds, “And when they arrive, they see groups of Pokemon that have grown gigantic running wild! To resolve this crisis, [Ash] joins up with [Leon], the Greatest of Them All, while [Goh] tries to solve the mystery alongside Sonia, who aims to become a Pokemon Professor.”


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