Pokémon Go Special Research Tasks: Catch Meloetta

Pokémon Go Fashion Week is here, and Trainers have a brand new Special Research called Find Your Voice to complete to win an encounter with the Mythical Meloetta!

Meloetta debuted on Pokémon Go during Go Fest 2021. Despite this, only Trainers who purchased a ticket for this annual event were able to complete the special event-exclusive search and have the chance to catch the mythical creature Meloetta.

Now, during Fashion Week, all Trainers will have the chance to unlock an encounter with Meloetta. Those who already caught one during Go Fest 2021 will be able to earn 20 Meloetta candies instead.

Special research “Finding your voice” starts on September 21, 2021 at 10 a.m. local time with no completion deadline in Pokémon Go. Below are all of the research tasks and awesome rewards available.

Pokémon Go Meloetta
The Pokemon Company

Now is your second chance to catch Meloetta.

Pokémon Go Special Research Tasks “Find Your Voice”.

Here are all the stages, tasks and rewards for the special “Find Your Voice” research in Pokémon Go:

Step 1 of 6

  • Take a Snapshot of Your Boyfriend – 1,000 XP
  • Catch 30 Normal-Type Pokémon – Meet Chaglam.
  • Evolve 15 Pokémon – 30 Poker Balls

Awards: Encounter Eevee, 1,000 stardust and 1,000 XP.

Step 2 of 6

  • Use 30 berries to help catch Pokémon – 20 Pinap berries
  • Earn 5 treats while walking with your boyfriend – 1 Poffin
  • Give your boyfriend 3 treats – Meet Leveinard

Awards: Meeting with Limagma, 1,000 stardust and 1,000 XP.

Pokémon Go research step 3 of 6

  • Win 3 Gym Battles – Chimpenfire Encounter
  • Fight in 3 Raids – 3 Max Potion
  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts – 2 Premium Battle Passes.

Awards: Meet Hariyama, 1,000 Stardust and 1,000 XP.

Step 4 of 6

  • Earn 20,000 Stardust – Meet Éoko
  • Catch 30 Different Species of Pokémon – Meet Ramboum
  • Spin 3 Pokéstops – Meet Melokrik

Awards: Encounter with Meloetta (or 20 candies), 2,000 stardust and 2,000 XP.

Step 5 of 6

  • Buy a Meloetta clip – 20 bonbons Meloetta.
  • Make a New Friend – 1 Lucky Egg
  • Send 3 gifts to your friends – 3 Revives

Awards: 5 Meloetta stickers, 2,500 stardust and 2,500 XP.

Step 6 of 6

  • Claim the first reward – 3,000 XP
  • Obtain the second reward – 3000 XP
  • Claim the third reward – 3,000 XP

Awards: 1 bait module, 20 Meloetta candies and 3 rare candies.

Meloetta Pokémon Go

It’s time to add another Mythical Pokémon to your collection.

Finding Your Voice Special Research rewards in Pokémon Go

The main reward offered for completing the Find Your Voice special research is an encounter with the Mythical Pokémon Meloetta, which can be unlocked by completing Stage 4.

All players will also be able to earn 20 more Meloetta candies as a reward in step 5.

But that’s not all, as Pokémon Go players can also win encounters with other Pokémon like Hariyama, Chimpenfeu, and Leveinard, as well as 3 rare candies for completing all 6 stages.


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