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One or even major changes to the Pokémon Go Raid system could be in the pipeline after the community’s feedback to the developers of Niantic.

Since its release in 2016, Pokémon Go has received many changes, whether in its ergonomics, its features or its gameplay. From the possibility of compatibilizing the distances traveled without having the application open, to remote Raid Passes in order to overcome the confinement, through the possibility of playing for a while without carrying portable batteries, Niantic has worked to make his game more pleasant and deep. One of those first features is Raids that appeared several years ago now. This boss system to fight alone or with others, however, has remained almost identical to what it was when it was introduced.

A state which could well change in the months to come with the recent desire of Niantic to ask the players what were their feelings or their experience vis-à-vis this feature. Big improvements could thus be in preparation, it remains to try to guess which ones?

Heatran shiny pokémon Go | Pass de raid à distance

Since their appearance, raids have greatly altered the gameplay of Pokémon Go, prompting the search for powerful and / or shiny Pokémon.

Niantic asks Pokémon Go trainers for their opinion

On January 7, 2022, a post published on Reddit r/PokemonGo on behalf of Niantic x RIT Geo Games as well as their Media Research Lab, proposed to question the players in order to gather their different requests and to discuss with them about the raids.

“We are working together with Niantic to seek to improve the user experience of Pokémon Go players. We seek to interview Pokémon players on how they feel or experience raiding and how this influence may impact their gameplay on Pokémon Go or their way of life. ”

The research team also shared a document stating that “During the interview, questions will be asked based on your gameplay and your own experience with raiding in Pokémon Go,” as well as an approximate duration of 45 minutes to complete it.

From this series of questions, the developers should derive the highest expectations from the players as well as their ideas to modify (hopefully for the better) the mechanics of the raids, Pokémon Go should thus receive big improvements in the months. future. Will raids be completely reworked or more simply tweaked to better address the concerns that players encounter? This remains to be determined.

Similarly, we can hope to see this practice democratize in several other aspects of the game depending on the results. From PvP, to events through the ergonomics of the game, the possibilities are not lacking.

Still, don’t expect to see changes for a while. The time to cross-check, analyze and possibly integrate changes, it will be necessary to be patient. In the meantime, you can consult our various guides so as not to miss anything about Pokémon Go.

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